Melania Trump doesn't need to 'be like Jill Biden': report

 July 8, 2024

Melania Trump has come under a lot of scrutiny for avoiding the public eye as her husband seeks the presidency. But the famously reclusive former First Lady reportedly has no desire to imitate her politically involved successor, Jill Biden.

A former White House insider said Melania doesn't see the need to "hold up" her husband the way Jill does with Joe Biden.

"Melania has said, 'I don't need to stand by Donald like Jill Biden; it is like she's holding Joe Biden up,'" Stephanie Grisham, former White House Press Secretary and chief-of-staff, said in March.

Jill vs. Melania

Many would say that Jill Biden is holding up her husband in more than a figurative sense.

Indeed, she was widely mocked for guiding her husband off stage after his debate debacle last month - and praising him as if he were a child.

Biden's feeble debate performance has sent his party into an ongoing panic, leading Biden to cling ever more tenaciously to his wife and son Hunter Biden.

The embattled president's defiance has shined a spotlight on Jill Biden's influence, while fueling speculation about her personal motives for encouraging her husband to stay in a losing race.

On the other hand, Melania has taken a much more laissez-faire approach as her husband battles multiple criminal prosecutions.

Melania was conspicuously absent during her husband's "hush money" trial, which touched on the sensitive subject of his alleged infidelity.

Melania's next move

PageSix reports that Melania is making arrangements to be a part-time First Lady if her husband wins in November.

She plans to stay close to her son Barron Trump as he reportedly prepares to attend college in New York City.

Jill Biden came under scrutiny after doubling down on her husband's campaign bid in a glamorous Vogue profile. The profile provoked mockery and accusations that Jill Biden is using her husband to advance her own personal ends.

The First Lady vowed not to "let those 90 minutes define the four years he’s been president," adding, "We will continue to fight."

While Jill Biden appears desperate to hold onto her political influence, Melania Trump is clearly more interested in domestic life.

Maybe Melania just values other things more than being on the cover of magazines. After all, the ex-model has done all of that before.

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