Melania Trump promoting patriotic Christmas decorations amid questions over 2024 campaign

September 20, 2023

Despite keeping a relatively low profile, former First Lady Melania Trump revealed late last week that she is promoting a line of patriotic Christmas decorations.

Mrs. Trump made the announcement in a tweet this past Thursday which touted products available on the USA Memorabilia website.

Former first lady hopes for "peace and love during the holiday season"

"I am pleased to continue USA Memorabilia’s tradition of celebrating the season with A Red, White and Blue Christmas," the former first lady declared.

"This year, I found myself looking to my love for our great nation for inspiration. May everyone experience an abundance of peace [and] love during the holiday season," she added.

This is not the only time Mrs. Trump's name has come up in recent weeks, as her husband was asked on Sunday by NBC News host Kristen Welker if she would soon play a role in his campaign.

"Yes. Soon? Yeah, pretty soon," he replied. "When it's appropriate, but pretty soon. She's a private person, a great person, a very confident person and she loves our country very much. And honestly, I like to keep her away from it. It’s so nasty and so mean."

Former president says wife is with him "100%"

Trump's statement echoed earlier words of praise that the former president voiced during a June interview with Fox News host Brett Baier.

"The people love Melania," the Daily Mail quoted him as telling Baier. "She's a very confident person. She feels I'm being very badly mistreated. And she says, 'You go ahead and you do whatever you want to do because I'm with you 100%.'"

Breitbart reported that Trump also expressed warm words for his wife in a conversation with former advisor Roger Stone.

He hailed her as "a terrific person" and "a very beautiful person" who had enjoyed a "very successful" career as a fashion model which made her a "very confident person."

Speculation over whether Barron will play sports

Melania Trump is not the only member of the former first family to attract attention, as the website She Knows pointed out in an article published earlier this month noted that there has been speculation over whether Barron Trump might have a sports career in the future.

The sports betting website Bovada is even posting odds on exactly which college basketball team Barron may end up playing for.

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