Movie produced by Barack and Michelle Obama's company set to be released

 October 1, 2023

In 2018, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama founded an entertainment company called Higher Ground Productions.

Its first feature film is an adaptation of Rumaan Alam's 2020 nightmare novel "Leave the World Behind" that will appear on Netflix later this month. The director recently recalled an interaction with the former president that left him "scared."

Director asked Obama to offer suggestions

According to the Independent, Sam Esmail sat down for an interview in which he recalled how Mr. Obama provided guidance on the movie, which depicts the breakdown of society.

"In the original drafts of the script, I definitely pushed things a lot farther than they were in the film, and President Obama, having the experience he does have, was able to ground me a little bit on how things might unfold in reality," Esmail was quoted as telling Vanity Fair.

Esmail then explained that he asked Obama to take a look at his work and offer insight as a former commander in chief.

Esmail says Obama's notes "scared the f--k out of me"

"And to hear an ex-president say you’re off by a few details… I thought I was off by a lot! The fact that he said that scared the f--k out of me," Esmail joked.

"He had a lot of notes about the characters and the empathy we would have for them," the filmmaker went on to recount.

"I have to say he is a big movie lover, and he wasn’t just giving notes about things that were from his background. He was giving notes as a fan of the book, and he wanted to see a really good film," Esmail added.

This is far from being the only time that the former first family has been in the news lately, as some observers have predicted that Mrs. Obama may make a presidential run.

Ted Cruz suggests that Democrats may "parachute in Michelle Obama"

"I view this as a very serious danger," Cruz stressed, adding, "Michelle Obama because she was the first lady has the ability to parachute in above all four and say, 'Hey, we're not picking among any of you.'"

"And I think in terms of a solution that unifies Democrats, there ain't nothing like that," the Republican lawmaker insisted.

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