Polls show Trump's support is holding steady despite conviction

 June 5, 2024

Last week saw a New York City jury convict former President Donald Trump on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.

While many on the left predicted that a guilty verdict would doom Trump's campaign, polling data suggests the former president's support has miraculously held firm. 

Four polls show little movement following conviction

That's according to ABC News, which noted on Tuesday that a total of four national polls have been taken since Trump's conviction.

One was carried out by HarrisX between May 30 and May 31 among 1,006 registered voters. It placed Trump two points ahead of President Joe Biden, which was the same result found in an earlier poll.

Another was conducted by Morning Consult from May 31 to June 2 among 10,404 registered voters, and it showed Trump leading by one point, which represented a one point drop from just before his verdict was rendered.

Meanwhile, surveys from Ipsos and Echelon Insights each showed Biden having a two point advantage over his predecessor whereas both previously had the candidates tied.

ABC News pointed out that the results of each poll fell within the margin of error, meaning it is possible that Trump's verdict had no impact at all or may even have helped the former president.

Donations pour in following verdict

One area in which Trump has been helped is fundraising, with Fox News reporting that his campaign took in almost $35 million in the first six hours following last week's verdict.

Meanwhile, the network noted on Tuesday that the campaign finished May with a $141 million haul. That represented a sharp increase from the $76 million which was collected a month earlier.

The average contribution only amounted to $70.27, and roughly a quarter of May's donors were individuals who had never given to the campaign before.

Biden campaign attributes fundraising success to "billionaire friends"

Nor were donations limited to the campaign itself, as outside groups backing Trump also managed to raise $150 million in May as well.

"President Trump raised $141 million this month because Americans remember the roaring economy, secure border, and peace through strength at home and abroad under Donald J. Trump, and we will return to prosperity and success when he is re-elected in November," Fox News quoted campaign advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles as saying.

The Biden campaign attempted to downplay those figures, stating, "Trump's billionaire friends are propping up the campaign of a white collar crook because they know the deal - they cut him checks and he cuts their taxes while working people and the middle class pay the tab."

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