Pressure campaign builds to force Biden out amid talks of replacing him at DNC

 July 7, 2024

President Joe Biden is facing a relentless and increasingly ruthless pressure campaign to force him to drop out of the presidential race following his highly concerning subpar performance in last week's presidential debate.

Whether or not he voluntarily withdraws from the race, discussions are being had about how to replace him on the various state ballots as the Democratic nominee before, during, or after the party's national convention in August, The Hill reported.

Meanwhile, as Democratic donors and pundits sour on Biden, there are rumblings of a possible mutiny among his campaign and White House staffers amid his refusal to bow to the pressure to exit the race.

Could Biden be replaced at the nominating convention?

The Hill reported that due to a quirk with Ohio's filing deadline, the Democratic National Committee will hold a virtual roll call of its primary delegates to vote on the party's nominee a few weeks ahead of the official nomination being awarded at the convention that is scheduled to begin on August 19 in Chicago.

An overwhelming number of those state delegates are pledged, though not bound, to vote for Biden, at least initially, and it is possible, though perhaps unlikely, that some could buck expectations and vote for somebody else or simply register themselves as "present" to withhold their support from the embattled incumbent president.

If a majority of the delegates did so, further rounds of voting would be held until a nominee was chosen.

Another possibility could occur during the actual convention, with the nominating process being opened up as a sort of "mini-primary" with delegates choosing a nominee among multiple other candidates, while still another potential scenario involves DNC members choosing for themselves who will be the nominee from a selection of candidates put forward by the DNC chair and senior party leaders.

Changing out the presumptive nominee at the last moment would undoubtedly spark controversy. It could also result in problematic lawsuits in some states where ballot access deadlines will have already passed. However, many of those states allow for the major parties to submit provisional certifications ahead of the official nomination that could be swapped out later.

Mutiny building among disgruntled staffers?

Meanwhile, as the pressure from donors, lawmakers, and pundits grows for President Biden to drop out, Axios reported that concerns are similarly growing among staffers who work for the Biden campaign, White House, and DNC.

"Everyone is miserable, and senior advisers are a total black hole," an unnamed White House official said. "Even if you're trying to focus on work, nothing is going to break through or get any acknowledgment."

"The only thing that can really allay concerns is for the president to demonstrate that he's capable of running this campaign," a senior DNC official told the outlet. "Everything else feels like 'Weekend at Bernie's' by his inner circle to prop him up."

Axios' sources complained that Biden is closely guarded in a "cocoon" by loyal top advisers who have deceived others about the president's condition in their effort to protect him, and despite pushback from the White House, some of those sources claim that problems have been increasingly evident since at least last year.

Trump leads in fundraising and polling

All of this comes as the Financial Times reported that Republicans and the Trump campaign have overtaken Democrats and the Biden campaign in terms of fundraising and now hold the advantage in terms of both total funds raised and the all-important cash-on-hand.

At the same time, RealClearPolling's average of polls shows that former President Donald Trump now leads in nearly all of the post-debate national polls, has increased his average lead from around a single point to 3.3 points while Biden's support has nose-dived, and maintains a marginal to moderate lead in all of the critical swing states that typically decide presidential elections.

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