Protesters Circle White House With‘Red Line’ Banner, Set Off Smoke To Protest Israel

 June 10, 2024

Protesters carrying a mile-long chain of linked banners encircled the White House on Saturday. The demonstration was a huge anti-Israel protest, and President Joe Biden was accused of supporting "genocide" multiple times.

Chants rejecting a two-state solution and calling for an "intifada" resounded throughout the streets of D.C., according to Mediaite.

Protesters led chants, fired off smoke bombs, and held banners and flags, including the red chain that had encircled the White House on Saturday, as speakers from the stage near the presidential residence took the stage.

“We don’t want no two state, we’re taking back ’48” and “the red line should have been 1948”  were among the slogans and signs held by protesters who opposed the existence of Israel as a nation.

The Mantras

A number of the chants and placards called out to President Biden by name, claiming he is "funding genocide" and expressing the hope that he will take note.

Photos and videos from Saturday's protest quickly went viral on social media, showing the detonation of smoke flares.

Some demonstrators at Saturday's pro-Palestinian march outside the White House were pepper sprayed by police.

The Police Response

According to The Washington Examiner, the United States Park Police arrived on the site armed with mace to disperse the demonstrators.

Allegedly, they were trying to apprehend one of the demonstrators when the mob started demanding that they desist, chanting, "Let her go."

What they were trying to get her arrested for was unclear at first. During the altercation, police sprayed mace and seemed to release the demonstrator without making a full arrest.

These reports come after months of protesting by left-leaning groups looking to draw attention to what they have asserted is the abuse of residents from the Gaza Strip. The groups push for a withdrawal of support for the nation of Israel, a longtime ally of the United States.

No Arrests

No arrests have been made as of this report, according to the Washington Examiner's confirmation with the DC Metropolitan Police Department and the Secret Service, seeming to indicate lenience on the part of law enforcement.

Meanwhile, 16th Street, which leads directly to the White House and is closed between I Street and H Street NW, is one of the streets affected by the demonstration.

From every angle, the red line banner encircles the White House, according to reporters covering the situation. The Vice President is in France commemorating D-Day, not at the mansion.

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