Reporter claims Biden is had a medical emergency on Air Force One

 July 8, 2024

Rumors have exploded after a reporter claimed that President Joe Biden had a medical emergency while aboard Air Force One. 

The reporter is Newsmax's Monica Crowley.

On Friday, on her X account, she posted a message, saying, "BREAKING: Biden is reportedly having a medical emergency aboard Air Force One."

Is it true?

It appears that the answer is probably no - it is not true. At least, this is what the mainstream media is claiming. The Associated Press, for example, has published a report, titled, Fact Focus: Online reports falsely claim Biden suffered a 'medical emergency' on Air Force One. 

How does the Associated Press know that Biden did not have a medical emergency?

Here is what the outlet writes:

There were no signs of a medical emergency on the flight, according to an Associated Press reporter who was traveling with Biden. Air Force One arrived at Delaware Air National Guard Base in New Castle, Delaware, at 7:22 p.m. The president exited the plane on his own, saluted and spoke with an officer at the base of the stairs, and took a question from a reporter before leaving the airport.

A video of Biden exiting the plane can be found here.

Based on this, the Associated Press declares the claim that Biden suffered a medical emergency aboard Air Force One to be "false."

The rumors

This, however, has not really slowed down the rumors.

Even Tesla owner Elon Musk got in on them. Musk, on his own X account, responded to Crowley's report, joking, "That's just every flight these days." In other words, Musk jokingly suggested that Biden is probably having a medical emergency just about every time he boards Air Force One these days.

What has also perpetuated the rumors is what happened later in the day, when Biden was supposed to arrive at his family home in Delaware. Many reporters claimed that they did not see him enter the house. Other reports, however, have suggested that this is not that unusual.

But, the truth or falsity of Crowley's report is kind of beside the point.

The point is that Biden's medical emergency rumors currently are so easy to spread because many believe that Biden's physical condition is so bad that he could conceivably suffer a medical emergency at any moment. This cannot be a good look for the man who is asking Americans to put him into office for a second term.

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