Republican senator's wife files for divorce, claims husband had affair

September 24, 2023

Melody Duncan, the wife of Sen. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), filed for divorce this week, claiming that her husband had an affair.

The divorce was filed on Friday for the couple that has three adult children together.

The complaint

"Upon information and belief, [Duncan] then left the next day and went directly to the home of his paramour, Liz Williams, in the Washington D.C. area, where [Melody] is informed and believes he continues to reside," the complaint stated.

"[Melody] is informed and believes that [Duncan's] extramarital relationship(s) is/are widely known in political circles of South Carolina and Washington D.C." it added.

The details

"The 57-year-old conservative allegedly flaunted the affair in front of Melody’s face while purporting to carry on a healthy marriage in front of his constituents while on his re-election campaign trail," the New York Post reported.

"Just last month, Duncan described Melody as a 'supportive and loving wife' at his 12th annual Faith and Freedom BBQ — one of the largest annual Republican gatherings in South Carolina that typically draws thousands of people," it noted.

Moving in

"According to Friday's filing, Duncan made no secret of his affair with Williams in Washington social circles, and his wife believes he may have even quietly moved in with her," the Daily Mail reported.

"(Duncan) has admitted to (Melody) that he has an ongoing sexual relationship," with Willaims, the outlet cited from the divorce filing, adding that the relationship has been a longtime affair.

The news is expected to cause major concerns for the South Carolina senator, whose state is known for its conservative values.

The senator's reported move into the home of his lover in Washington could also be an issue if he plans to run for reelection in South Carolina and resides in the Washington area.

The sad turn of events for Duncan could also have large consequences for Republicans as they seek to win back power in the Senate while now facing a district that could be vulnerable due to the divorce announcement and affair.

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