Republicans accuse Biden DOJ of targeting West Virginia governor on political grounds

 June 1, 2023

West Virginia Republican Gov. Jim Justice announced last month that he intends to run for the Senate in 2024. Yet according to Breitbart, the Biden administration may have thrown a wrench into those plans.

The website reported that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has just filed a civil complaint against coal businesses belonging to the governor's son, something critics say is an obvious abuse of power. 

Civil suit alleges "repeated violations of the law"

Todd Kim serves as assistant attorney general of the DOJ’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, and he released a statement saying, "Our environmental laws serve to protect communities against adverse effects of industrial activities including surface coal mining operations."

"Through this suit, the Justice Department seeks to deliver accountability for defendants’ repeated violations of the law and to recover the penalties they owe as a result of those violations," Kim added.

The announcement comes even as a recent poll showed Justice to be well ahead of West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in next year's election.

White House accused of "weaponizing the DOJ "

That fact has many Republicans like Donald Trump Jr. accusing the Biden administration of using law enforcement to shut down its political opposition.

Republican strategist Andrew Surabian agreed, arguing that the president "is weaponizing the DOJ to attack the family of a Republican Senate candidate."

Former Trump official calls complaint "a crisis for America"

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz spoke up as well, calling the move "utterly brazen" before adding, "When I said the Biden DOJ is the most political [and] partisan DOJ in history, I wasn’t kidding…."

Former Trump administration Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell voiced alarm as well, declaring, "The Biden Justice Department is working to help the Democrats. This is a crisis for America."

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