Sen. John Fetterman expected to leave hospital by mid-April

 March 30, 2023

Politico reported this week that Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman will return to the Senate in April following a two-month-long hospital stay.

The website noted that Fetterman voluntarily checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in mid-February to receive treatment for depression.

Fetterman said to be "well on his way to recovery"

While the precise date that Fetterman will come back to Capitol Hill remains unclear, Politico cited a source close to Fetterman as saying that it will be sometime around April 17.

Adam Jentleson serves as the senator's chief of staff, and he put out a tweet earlier this month declaring that Fetterman "is well on his way to recovery."

This is Fetterman's second major hospital visit since his winning election, as Breitbart reported in February that he was taken to George Washington University Hospital after feeling lightheaded.

No evidence of a second stroke

Joe Cavello is Fetterman’s communication director, and he released a statement explaining that the Senator's problems began while attending the Senate Democratic Retreat.

"Initial tests did not show evidence of a new stroke, the doctors are running more tests and John is remaining overnight for observation," Breitbart quoted Cavello as saying.

"He’s in good spirits and talking with his staff and family. We will provide more information when we have it," the staffer added.

Even some Democrats have question Fetterman's health

Questions have swirled around Fetterman's health since he suffered a stroke early on during the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate race.

The stroke has affected Fetterman's ability to speak and understand questions, something which was evident during his debate with Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Breitbart noted how some liberal observers were forced to acknowledge that Fetterman exhibited obvious signs of being mentally impaired.

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