Sheriff lashes out at state judge following deputy's murder

 December 31, 2022

Los Angeles' KTLA 75 reported that Riverside County Sheriff Deputy Isaiah Cordero was fatally shot this past week following a traffic stop in Jurupa Valley.

Yet in addition to blaming the shooter for Cordero's death, Sheriff Chad Bianco also lashed out at a state judge as well.

Sheriff blames judge for releasing suspect

"We would not be here today if the judge had done her job," Bianco was quoted as saying during a press conference held on Thursday.

"This terrible tragedy should’ve been prevented by the legal system," said Bianco. He added that the suspect, one William Shae McKay, had  "an extensive, violent past and was convicted of his third strike in November 2021."

"That case involved kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon," the sheriff explained. "Instead of sentencing him to 25 years to life, which should’ve happened, the judge lowered his bail, allowing him to be released."

What's more, Bianco went on to complain that this same judge also released McKay after an arrest for failing to appear at his sentencing as well as additional criminal charges.

Although the sheriff chose not to identify the judge by name when a reporter asked, he did say that "it’s a San Bernardino County Judge."

After killing Cordero, McKay was himself killed during the course of a high-speed chase in which he shot at other officers.

This was far from being McKay's first brush with the law, as KTLA 75 explained that he was first incarcerated in 1999 and then locked up again in 2016 for first-degree robbery along with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

The fallen deputy is remembered for being "a jokester around the station"

What's more, the television station stated that McKay stabbed a police dog named Sam last year as he was being pursued by law enforcement.

CHP addressed the dog's stabbing in a Facebook post, saying, "After undergoing emergency surgery we are fortunate and grateful to announce that it appears Sam will make a full recovery."

"We truly appreciate and love 💕 our K-9’s," the statement declared, adding, "Goes to show that they are always Ready, Willing, and Able to assist as partners 👮🏻‍♂️ 🐶 in the apprehension of dangerous criminals."

KTLA 75 reported that at Thursday's press conference, Bianco also made a point of sharing fond memories of Cordero.

He recalled how the fallen lawman "was a jokester around the station and all of our deputies considered him their little brother."

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