Some believe Ivanka Trump's testimony could hurt father

 October 25, 2023

Ivanka Trump, daughter of former President Donald Trump, will soon have to testify as a "fact witness" in the New York City civil fraud trial involving the former president. 

Experts believe it's "likely" that she'll be called to testify, despite getting out of her role as a "defendant" in the case.

The reason for her possible testimony is due to the fact that the civil lawsuit, launched by radical progressive anti-Trump New York AG Letitia James, involves her Manhattan penthouse.

The suit was brought about as James accused Trump, and members of his family along with the Trump Organization, of inflating the value of their assets to obtain advantages in financing and business terms.

Analysts think she'll testify

While many on the left believe Trump is "going down" in the New York civil case, as they do every time Trump faces a legal hurdle, it remains to be seen how involved Ivanka Trump will be in the testimony phase.

Legal analyst Joyce Vance explained why she believes it will happen.

"There has been testimony at trial about the valuation of Ivanka Trump’s penthouse in her father’s Trump Park Avenue property. No longer a defendant, she is nonetheless a fact witness in this regard, and it seems likely she’ll be ordered to testify," Vance wrote.

She added, "The [New York] Attorney General [Letitia James] says that although Ms. Trump has denied it, she benefitted from ‘insider’ pricing—she had an option to buy the penthouse for $8.5 million, but the Trump Organization’s financial statements valued the unit at $20,820,000."

AG James had originally issued three subpoenas for Ivanka Trump to testify.

Fighting testimony

According to the Washington Examiner, Ivanka Trump's lawyers fought last week to quash the subpoenas that would compel her to testify.

The outlet noted:

Trump's lawyer, Bennet Moskowitz, filed a motion earlier this week reiterating that she has not been a part of the Trump Organization since 2016. An appeals court has already dismissed Trump from the case, which mostly surrounds Donald Trump's, Donald Trump Jr.'s, and Eric Trump's business dealings, but New York Attorney General Letitia James is still seeking the eldest Trump daughter as a witness.

She's also no longer a resident of New York City, and her lawyer pointed that out, calling James' subpoenas of corporate entities an "end-run" attempt to compel testimony.

"The NYAG knows this, which is why it has subpoenaed three corporate entities as an end-run around its failure to pursue Ms. Trump's deposition when it had the chance," Moskowitz wrote.

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