Staffer at U.S. embassy in Ukraine found dead on Tuesday

 June 27, 2024

According to Newsweek, a staff member at the United States' embassy in Ukraine was found dead earlier this week. 

The magazine cited a report published by an online Ukrainian newspaper called Strana UA which said the staffer's body had been discovered on Tuesday at a Hilton Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital city.

Report: "No signs of violence" in staffer's death

Strana UA quoted an unnamed source as stating, "Yesterday at about 11:00 a.m. the body of an attaché of the U.S. Embassy was found in a hotel room."

"No signs of violence were found on the body. The man arrived in Ukraine on June 15. According to medical data provided by the U.S. Embassy, ​​the man suffered from high cholesterol," the source added.

Newsweek noted that while the staffer's name has not been publicly released, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller confirmed his death at a Wednesday press conference.

Miller explained that the deceased man "was under chief of mission authority" before quickly dismissing any suggestion that he had been murdered.

State Department advises Americans to avoid visiting Ukraine

"I hate to even bring this up—but I know sometimes conspiracy theories spin out of control—that it is our understanding that he died of natural causes, and there's no sign of foul play," the spokesperson declared.

Newsweek pointed out that the State Department has for several years advised Americans to avoid visiting Ukraine due to its "active armed conflict" with neighboring Russia.

U.S. Missile shipment being redirected to Ukraine from other countries

Fox News reported last Thursday that the U.S. is redirecting shipments of air defense missiles to Ukraine rather than the countries which had ordered them.

National security spokesman John Kirby told reporters that the U.S. has made a "difficult but necessary decision to reprioritize near-term planned deliveries of foreign military sales to other countries."

"Right now, we know that Ukraine urgently needs these additional capabilities. Obviously more is needed, and it’s needed now," he stressed.

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