Former State Department official Josh Paul resigned in protest against Biden's policies in support of Israel

 October 20, 2023

President Joe Biden has, for the most part, been consistent in expressing strong continued U.S. support for Israel and its response to the murderous Hamas terror attacks that the nation endured on October 7th.

Biden's stance in support of Israel was apparently too much to bear for a high-ranking State Department official who very publicly resigned his post with a scathing resignation letter denouncing the administration's pro-Israel policies, Politico reported.

That now-former official is Josh Paul, who served for the past 11 years in the Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, which among other things oversees the transfer of weapons and armaments between the U.S. and its allies and partners around the globe.

Resigned in protest of Biden's support for Israel

In a resignation letter posted to LinkedIn, Paul wrote that when he first joined the Bureau, "I knew it was not without its moral complexity and moral compromises, and I made myself a promise that I would stay for as long as I felt I the harm I might do could be outweighed by the good I could do."

"In my 11 years I have made more moral compromises than I can recall, each heavily, but each with my promise to myself in mind, and intact," he continued. "I am leaving today because I believe that in our current course with regards to the continued -- indeed, expanded and expedited -- provision of lethal arms to Israel -- I have reached the end of that bargain."

To be sure, Paul denounced the Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians as "a monstrosity of monstrosities" and noted the potential for "cynical exploitation" of the tragedy by other enemies of Israel like Iran and Hezbollah, but said, "I believe to the core of my soul that the response Israel is taking, and with it the American support both for that response, and for the status quo of the occupation, will only lead to more and deeper suffering for both the Israeli and the Palestinian people -- and is not in the long term American interest."

"This Administration's response -- and much of Congress' as well -- is an impulsive reaction built on confirmation bias, political convenience, intellectual bankruptcy, and bureaucratic inertia. That is to say, it is immensely disappointing, and entirely unsurprising," he continued.

Paul would go on in his letter to engage in "both sides-ism" and essentially accuse Israel of engaging in "murder," "kidnapping," "collective punishment," "ethnic cleansing," "occupation," and "apartheid" in his explanation for why he could no longer countenance continuing to work for the Biden administration and its pro-Israel policies.

Ex-official reveals support from other colleagues, members of Congress

HuffPost was the first to report on Paul's sudden resignation in protest from the State Department in response to President Biden's expressed support for Israel in its bloody conflict with Hamas terrorists operating out of Gaza, including the provision of weapons and armaments.

"I have had my fair share of debates and discussions and efforts to shift policy on controversial arms sales," Paul told the outlet. "It was clear that there’s no arguing with this one. Given that I couldn’t shift anything, I resigned."

He would go on to also reveal that he had quietly received substantial support from other colleagues at the State Department and even from members of Congress, and said, "I’ve been surprised by how many have said, 'We absolutely understand where you’re coming from, we feel similarly and understand.'"

A "mutiny brewing" and more resignations likely impending

As shocking as Paul's resignation in protest against the Biden administration's response to the Israel-Hamas conflict may be to some, it likely won't be the only one, as HuffPost reported separately on a "mutiny brewing" at all levels of the State Department over that very same issue.

Per its sources, the outlet reported on an imminent document known as a "dissent cable" -- which historically has been used to internally criticize official policies -- that is being circulated around the department to collect hundreds of signatures in support of expressed opposition to the administration's siding with Israel.

The sources further revealed that many Department employees feel "depressed and angry" and that they've been ignored by senior leadership, and some have purportedly considered and openly discussed similarly resigning in protest as Paul just did.

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