Three New York teens arrested for killing and eating local swan

 June 2, 2023

In a bizarre story, three New York teenagers were arrested this week for killing a local swan and stealing her offspring. 

According to CNY Central, the trio are facing charges of felony grand larceny and criminal mischief, as well as misdemeanor conspiracy and criminal trespass.

Teenagers took swan home to eat

While two of the suspects have not been named publicly, the oldest individual has been identified as Eman Hussan, who is said to live in Syracuse.

The Manlius Police Department held a press conference on Wednesday during which Sgt. Ken Hatter accused Hussan and his accomplices of illegally entering a closed-off pond between the hours of midnight and 3:00 a.m. on Monday.

There they came upon a resident swan named Faye who they mistook for a duck. The three youths then proceeded to kill the animal and take her away to be eaten.

"They did not know that it was a swan, and they did not know that it was not a wild animal, that it was actually owned by the Village of Manlius," Hatter was quoted as saying.

Three thieves intended to raise baby geese as house pets

Faye's four offspring--known as cygnets--were taken away as well, with the three teenagers planning to raise them as pets. The father of Faye's cygnets was present in the pond as well but he was left unharmed.

Wednesday's press conference came a day after had issued a statement on Facebook explaining that it had "located the four (4) cygnets stolen from the Manlius Swan Pond."

"The cygnets are currently in the care of a biologist, who ensures the health and wellbeing of the swans for the Village of Manlius," the statement noted.

"Multiple tips from citizens led to the location of two of the cygnets at a business at the Shop City Plaza in the Town of Salina," it continued.

The investigation said to be ongoing

"Further investigation by Manlius Police led to the location of the remaining 2 cygnets, which were located at a private residence in the city of Syracuse," the statement stressed.

"Unfortunately, the investigation led to the discovery that Faye, the female swan, had been killed over the weekend. Manlius Police currently have a 16-year-old juvenile, from the city of Syracuse, in custody," it added.

The statement concluded by saying that the "investigation is ongoing in conjunction with members from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police and the Syracuse Police Department."

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