Trump ally says Jack Smith, other anti-Trump prosecutors could face 'consequences'

 July 9, 2024

Special Counsel Jack Smith has waged what many Republicans regard as a politically motivated legal battle against former President Donald Trump.

However, one Trump ally suggested that will face legal problems of his own if President Joe Biden is defeated in November. 

Legal activist calls out prosecutions by Smith and Fani Willis

According to Newsweek, that suggestion was put forward by attorney Mike Davis this past weekend during an interview with conservative commentator Benny Johnson.

The magazine stated that Davis, who founded the activist group known as Article III project, is seen by some as a possible Trump administration attorney general.

When speaking with Johnson, Davis pointed to Smith's indictment of the former president along with his valet, Walt Nauta, for allegedly hiding classified documents at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.

What's more, Davis cited Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' effort to prosecute Trump and his associates over actions taken following the 2020 election, an effort which has since been marred by scandal.

Davis warns of "severe legal, political and financial consequences"

"This is a criminal conspiracy by these Democrat prosecutors, these Democrat judges, these Democrat witnesses, these Democrat operatives," David declared.

"This is a criminal conspiracy to violate President Trump's civil rights; the civil rights of Walt Nauta and the civil rights of [Trump's] 18 co-defendants down in Georgia," he continued.

"And guess what guys? There are going to be severe legal, political and financial consequences. We are not going to turn the other cheek, they can go to hell," the activist went on to add.

Newsweek noted that this is not the first time Davis has made controversial statements, as he made similar remarks to Johnson in April.

Trump says his only revenge will be "success"

"During my three-week reign of terror as Trump acting Attorney General, before I get chased out of town with my Trump pardon, I will reign hell on Washington, D.C.," the legal activist was quoted as saying.

The clip of Davis' remarks were later seized upon and publicized by the Biden campaign, which prompted Davis to respond that he is "not going to serve as AG" as he "can't get confirmed."

For his part, Trump has dismissed suggestions that he will wage a campaign of retribution. The former president declared during an interview with Fox News last month that "success" will be his only revenge.

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