Trump guilty verdict puts the U.S. among bad company

 June 2, 2024

Thanks to President Joe Biden and the Democrats, the United States of America now has something in common with the likes of Russia, Venezuela, and China. 

What the U.S. now has in common with these countries, according to Fox News, is that they all have leaders who have persecuted their political opponents.

The outlet goes on to provide specific examples proving its point.

This, of course, is very bad news for America, which can no longer claim that it has a superior justice system, one in which Lady Justice is blindfolded. It is stuff like this that could legitimately lead to the country's demise, as it has others.

Some examples

Fox, in its reports, includes examples of political persecution from Russia, Hong Kong, India, Brazil, Venezuela, and Cambodia.

Regarding Russia, for example, Fox highlights how President Vladimir Putin has been keeping his chief political opponent - Alexei Navalny - out of office.

Fox reports:

 Russian courts determined Navalny had violated probationary terms by leaving the country, during which time he suffered an attempt on his life while in Germany. The Russian court ultimately convicted Navalny on charges of extremism and sentenced him to 19 years in prison, where he ultimately died due to brutal conditions during his confinement.

Another example provided by Fox comes from Venezuela, where President Nicolas Maduro has had a number of his political opponents put in prison for various crimes.

The outlet reports:

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has seen a number of his opponents jailed for various crimes, with opposition leader Nelson Pinero of the center-right Encuentro Ciudadano party recently jailed on charges of incitement to hatred, El País reported. The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) allegedly entered Pinero’s house without a search warrant.

America is now on the list

The Democrats are now trying to claim that the White House and Biden had nothing to do with Trump's criminal conviction. Trump and many others, however, say otherwise.

The former president frequently brings up the fact that Matthew Colangelo - one of the very top individuals in the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) - left the DOJ to help Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) with his prosecution of Trump.

This is the best evidence that we have of the White House's involvement in the case.

What makes this a political persecution is not just the fact that it was led by the controlling party against their chief opposition, but also the fact that the case is baseless. Legal experts from all parts of the political spectrum have more or less agreed on this point. They have also agreed that the judge who oversaw the case - who has multiple conflicts of interest - essentially was batting for the prosecution and, in the process, made numerous reversible errors.

The question going forward is whether America will be able to come back from this. Time will tell.

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