Trump scheduled to have a probation interview on Monday

 June 10, 2024

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to have his probation interview on Monday, June 10, 2024. 

This is according to a new report from the New York Times. 

This comes after Trump was recently found guilty, by a New York City jury, of all charges in the so-called hush-money case that was brought against him by the George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D).

The judge overseeing the case - Judge Juan Merchan - has yet to sentence Trump in the case. Merchan, in fact, has set the sentencing date for four days before the Republican National Convention (RNC), at which Trump is expected to be named the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

Why is Trump having a probation interview?

When a defendant is found guilty of a crime, then it is standard practice for the defendant to meet with a probation officer, who will conduct an interview with the defendant and make a sentencing recommendation to the judge.

The Times explains, "In New York State, after a person is convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor, a probation officer must prepare a pre-sentence report, which the judge uses to help determine the defendant’s punishment."

This interview, according to the Times, will be conducted by the New York City Probation Department. It appears that the interview between the official and Trump will take place virtually.

"Mr. Trump will be in his home at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., for the virtual meeting," the Times reports.

The outlet later adds, "One of his lawyers, Todd Blanche, will be present for the interview, according to a person with knowledge of the meeting."

Will Trump get jail time?

Ordinarily, for a situation like this, legal experts say that it is highly unlikely that the defendant would get jail time. But, this situation is unique because it involves Trump, and the judge has made it clear that he is a Democrat partisan.

Given this, it is not outside the realm of possibility that Merchan will give Trump jail time.

Trump and his legal team do not seem particularly worried about this, because they believe that, at some point, the guilty verdict will be overturned.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung has said, "President Trump and his legal team are already taking necessary steps to challenge and defeat the lawless Manhattan D.A. case."

The former president has not directly commented, at the time of this writing, on the probation interview. But, he continues to rail against the case, which he insists was politically motivated. 

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