Trump urges Supreme Court to intervene before Bragg case sentencing

 June 4, 2024

Donald Trump may have been convicted of 34 felonies in New York, but that doesn't mean his chances for winning the 2024 Election have been completely dashed.

Some may argue that Trump has even gained more support after America was able to see first hand the "witch hunt" conducted against him.

However, it might not just be America's voters that Trump is relying on.

On Sunday, former President Donald J. Trump requested that the Supreme Court intervene in his NY criminal case. Currently, Trump has been found guilty and is waiting to hear what his sentencing will be.

The Supreme Court has OFFICIALLY been called on by Trump after Judge Juan Merchan made things as difficult as possible on Donald Trump by scheduling Trump's sentencing date just four days before America's Republican National Convention.

The coalition against Trump

Merchan could have made sure that America knew Trump's fate MUCH sooner. Instead, he wanted the trial and guilty convictions to still be fresh in everyone's minds when Donald Trump accepts the nomination.

Donald Trump recently wrote a post on Truth Social demanding that America's Supreme Court "MUST" do something about his guilty convictions in New York.

"The United States Supreme Court MUST DECIDE!" Trump proclaimed on social media. He seemed most upset about the identity of the people who have been controlling his fate for months, Judge Juan Merchan and District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Donald Trump was EXTREMELY upset that it was these two men, who have faced mountains of corruption allegations, "will make a decision which will determine the future of our Nation."

Alvin Bragg

There's no question that Alvin Bragg could have played his cards better during this trial. Many think that he absolutely hurt the credibility of the prosecution by getting two known liars in Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen to be the primary witnesses testifying against Trump.

It could have killed Alvin Bragg's career if he would have bungled this case, as many liberals felt it was a slam-dunk when it's started. Despite Bragg's many errors, it soon became clear that the prosecution would not have to be on top of their game...

...that's because they had a secret weapon.

Judge Juan Merchan

Donald Trump has been telling America that Judge Juan Merchan was corrupt as soon as he learned about Merchan's connections.

Merchan's family is full of strict Democrats and he has even given money straight to Joe Biden in the past.

It was clear that Donald Trump felt he wasn't going to get a fair trial in New York. Donald Trump being convicted of 34 felonies on such flimsy evidence and testimony from known liars proves that he may have been right all along.

Do you think that the Supreme Court will step in and save Trump? Should they? Let us know your opinion by leaving us a comment in the discussion section below!

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