Trump's Supreme Court miracle? Immunity ruling likely to derail lawfare efforts

 June 5, 2024

With multiple criminal cases pending against him, it's something of a miracle for Donald Trump that his guilty verdict in New York is likely the peak of the Democratic party's lawfare campaign.

Trump can thank the prudence of the conservative Supreme Court as it methodically grapples with unprecedented questions about presidential power.

Trump's presidential immunity appeal has placed his federal 2020 election trial on hold indefinitely. The court's ruling, expected soon, could also impact Trump's classified documents trial and a separate state election case in Georgia.

Trump's Supreme Court miracle?

During oral arguments in April, the Supreme Court appeared inclined to agree at least partially with Trump that presidents must have some protection from prosecution.

If the Supreme Court sends the issue back to the trial court, the January 6th trial would likely be delayed past the election.

Meanwhile, a robust ruling in favor of Trump could help him push to dismiss charges in Florida for possessing classified documents and in Georgia for "overturning" the 2020 election.

Trump's Georgia case has already been delayed by Trump's continued appeals to disqualify prosecutor Fani Willis. An appeals court has set a hearing in October, making it unlikely the trial will proceed before the election.

The judge in Trump's classified documents case, Trump appointee Aileen Cannon, has postponed the trial indefinitely over various sensitive issues.

Dems escalate assault

The delays have frustrated Democrats, who have alleged, without evidence, that Cannon and the Supreme Court are engaged in a partisan conspiracy to rescue Trump from prosecution.

While Democrats have supplied no evidence of their alleged conspiracy, it probably helps Trump that the Supreme Court is stacked with conservatives who are reluctant to rubber stamp the Democratic party's corrosive lawfare.

A decision is expected in Trump's immunity case in the coming weeks. If the court hands down a ruling favorable to Trump, Democrats can be expected to ramp up their assault on the top court.

Meanwhile, Trump has asked the court to overturn his "hush money" verdict as he pursues an appeal. The Supreme Court may not save Trump in the dramatic way that he is asking them to do, but he may be spared a conviction on January 6th, which Democrats consider to be his greatest "crime."

It may not be long before the jubilation over Trump's conviction is replaced with rage.

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