U.S. shoots down 'object' near Alaska, Biden admin covers up details

 February 11, 2023

Fox News reports that the administration of President Joe Biden is once again facing criticism, this time for covering up the details of the flying "object" that it claims to have shot down near Alaska on Friday. 

The previous criticism was in regard to the Biden administration's handling of the Chinese spy balloon situation, which was allowed to float all the way across America before it was shot down off of the coast of South Carolina.

Details about this situation were hard to come by, and, to a large extent, they are still hard to come by, and that's because the Biden administration has refused to make them known to the American public.

It's a similar story with the "object" that the U.S. military purportedly shot down on Friday.

What we know:

The news that the U.S. military shot down an "object" near Alaska was revealed on Friday.

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby held a White House press briefing on the matter.

There, Kirby said, "I can confirm that the Department of Defense was tracking a high-altitude object over Alaska airspace in the last 24 hours. The object was flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet and posed a reasonable threat to the safety of civilian flight."

Kirby continued, "Out of an abundance of caution and the recommendation of the Pentagon, President Biden ordered the military to down the object. And they did. And it came in inside our territorial waters."

Kirby's statement, however, has left a lot to be desired.

What we don't know:

The simple answer is that we don't know anything of real importance. We don't, for example, know what exactly the object was and we don't know where the object came from.

Kirby settled for a description of the size of the object, which, according to him, was "roughly the size of a small car." Kirby contrasted this with the Chinese spy balloon, which is said to be the size of "two or three buses."

But, as for where the object came from, Kirby didn't provide any real indication. "We do not know who owns it, whether it's state-owned or corporate-owned or privately owned," Kirby said.

It is hard to believe that this is the case. And, many commentators are arguing that the Biden administration does know specifics about the object, but that it is choosing not to share those specifics with Americans.

For now, the country remains in the dark.

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