WaPo readers beg Jill Biden to let Joe Biden drop out of 2024 presidential race

 July 9, 2024

President Joe Biden's debate with former President Donald Trump completely changed the trajectory of his 2024 campaign. 

Many, from within the ranks of the Democratic Party, have already called on the frail, often-confused elderly president to step aside and let someone else run against Trump, but First Lady Jill Biden seems to be her husband's gatekeeper and seemingly insists that he'll be in the race no matter what.

According to Fox News, several Washington Post readers sent letter to Jill Biden "to persuade her to prevail upon her husband" and tell him to bow out of the race.

The traditionally Biden-friendly newspaper published several letters from readers who desperately urged the 81-year-old president to drop out, as it doesn't appear that he has what it takes, physically or cognitively, to run a race and beat Trump in November.

Desperate pleas

Readers from several states, including Pennsylvania, wrote in to essentially beg Jill Biden to change her mind about keeping her husband in the race.

Fox News noted:

"We turn to you, Ms. Biden, with our request to urge your husband to end his campaign for the presidency," readers and self-described "Democratic women" from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, wrote in a letter to The Post.

A group of Philadelphia readers wrote, "It is time for the younger generation to take charge in a manner that will stop Mr. Trump in his tracks and build on your husband’s legacy rather than allow it to be destroyed."

"If it’s true that you have more influence on him than anyone, I implore you to coax him to drop out now, while he’s still able to do so with dignity," wrote Richard Young, from Lexington, New York. "Encouraging him to ‘get back up’ after being ‘knocked down’ surely appeals to his impulses to ‘fight.’ But it is only going to prolong the abuse he will suffer."

Another reader from Alexandria wrote, "The president is not a toddler to pacify."

They added, "He should not be protected nor surrounded by folks who are unwilling to tell him the truth. Ms. Biden needs to step up and have that tough conversation. I am sure she has the power to influence his decision. There is no shame in facing the truth. It just takes courage."

Social media users react

Many social media users issued similar pleas to the president and the first lady.

"This lady will never leave peacefully. She's driven by power, obsessed," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "You are correct. She doesn’t want to stop being President."

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