Warning signs for Biden as European right-wing parties score huge gains

 June 10, 2024

The Biden campaign may be looking anxiously eastward after this weekend's European Union elections, which saw the left take a major beating from right-wing parties animated by opposition to mass immigration.

The most dramatic shift happened in France, where liberal president Emmanuel Macron lost so badly that he called for snap elections.

"We’ve heard your message, your concerns, and I won’t leave them unanswered,” Macron said.

Europe's left takes a beating

Renew Europe, the EU political group that includes Macron's Renaissance party, was among the biggest losers in the first EU elections since 2019.

The Greens lost half their support as German chancellor Olaf Scholz's leftist coalition collapsed. Scholz's Social Democrats had their worst outcome in a century, as the right-wing Alternative for Germany surge to second place.

“After all the prophecies of doom, after the barrage of the last few weeks, we are the second strongest force,” AfD leader Alice Weidel said.

The largest group in the EU remains the center-right European People's Party, headed by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Still, the gains of the so-called "far right" are a shocking rebuke of the European status quo, which has had a steadfast ally in the centrist liberal Macron.

“The center is holding," von der Leyen said. "But it is also true that the extremes on the left and on the right have gained support, and this is why the result comes with great responsibility for the parties in the center."

History repeating....?

Many are tempted to see Europe's swing to the right as a possible omen of things to come.

The weekend's EU elections were the first since the implementation of Brexit, which presaged Trump's shocking upset in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump's victory was powered by fury over mass immigration to America, which has reached record, unsustainable levels under his rival President Biden.

Recently, Biden has made a late shift to restrict asylum even as he floats a fresh amnesty for illegal aliens to appease the left.

In France, Marine Le Pen's National Rally, which has campaigned for years against mass immigration, swept over 30% of the vote, more than double Macron's share.

"We’re ready to turn the country around, ready to defend the interests of the French, ready to put an end to mass immigration,” Le Pen said.

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