Whistleblowers claim FBI 'riot' plot

 May 21, 2023

Three FBI whistleblowers claimed abuse at the agency during testimony before Washington lawmakers.

Those testifying claimed the FBI retaliated against them for sharing their claims of abuses withing the bureau.

The claims

"A trio of witnesses, FBI agents Stephen Friend and Garret O’Boyle and FBI staff operations specialist Marcus Allen, testified before Congress Thursday that the bureau retaliated against them for lodging whistleblower claims," the Washington Examiner reported.

"'The FBI will crush you,' O’Boyle, who is suspended from the FBI, told the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government," it added.

The pushback

"The letter from Christopher Dunham, acting assistant director of the bureau, is a convincing rebuttal of Jordan’s story that the FBI retaliated against well-meaning public servants for expressing views contrary to their agency," MSNBC reported.

"Dunham explains that the agents in question had their security clearances revoked, pending appeal, for a number of reasons, including questions about their allegiance, reported criminal conduct, personal misconduct and how sensitive information was handled," it added.

The FBI claims that the agents did not follow the agency's rules for whistleblowing and should not be considered valid witnesses.

The smears have not been successful so far with GOP lawmakers pursuing an investigation of acts within the FBI.

"In a significant turn of events, the estranged husband of California Democrat Representative Linda Sanchez and former board chairperson of a Connecticut energy cooperative has been sentenced to prison in a Connecticut fraud case, AP reported," according to the Gateway Pundit.

James Sullivan, 56, was sentenced Wednesday to six months in prison after being convicted of involvement in a fraudulent scheme. The details of the fraud case reveal that he used public funds to pay for lavish trips to places like the Kentucky Derby and a high-end golf resort.

The claims of political "rioting" within the agency and retaliation against them shows the growing tensions by those seeking to silence their message and their testimony before lawmakers and the American people.

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