White House dodges questions as documents show Biden family members got Chinese money

March 23, 2023

Fox News reported earlier this week that the House Oversight Committee has obtained bank records showing members of the Biden family received cash from a Chinese company.

While the revelation has raised yet more questions about whether President Joe Biden was compromised by his son's business dealings, the White House has remained surprisingly silent. 

White House press secretary accuses GOP of spreading "lies and inaccuracy"

According to the Washington Examiner, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged the issue when confronted about it by Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy.

"I'm just not going to respond to that from here," Jean-Pierre told Doocy. "We have heard from House Republicans for years and years and years."

"Inaccuracies and lies when it comes to this issue, and I don't even know where to begin to even answer that question," the press secretary continued.

"Again, it's been lies and lies and inaccuracy for the past couple of years, and I'm just not going to get into it," Jean-Pierre went on to insist.

Records show over a million dollars sent to Biden family members

Fox News pointed to a memo from Chairman James Comer detailing how in 2017 a Chinese-owned company called State Energy HK Limited sent $3 million to a bank account in the name of Robinson Walker, LLC.

Over a million dollars was then sent to Hunter Biden associate James Gillar, who in turn distributed it to the president's son, brother, and daughter-in-law.

Interestingly, the president adopted a similar like to that taken by Jean-Pierre when asked about the subject last Friday on the White House lawn, saying, "That's not true."

Hunter Biden spokesman confirms authenticity of documents

This denial came despite a spokesman for Hunter Biden confirming to Fox News that the House Oversight Committee's documents were genuine.

"Hunter Biden, a private citizen with every right to pursue his own business endeavors, joined several business partners in seeking a joint venture with a privately-owned, legitimate energy company in China," the spokesman was quoted as saying.

"As part of that joint venture, Hunter received his portion of good faith seed funds which he shared with his uncle, James Biden, and Hallie Biden, with whom he was involved with at the time, and sharing expenses," he added.

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