White House insider 'sounds the alarm'

 July 6, 2024

A White House insider recently confirmed what we have suspected all along - namely, that President Joe Biden probably is not the one who is running the country.

The insider "sounded the alarm" with a recent call to the news outlet Semafor.

"Midday on the Fourth of July, I received a call from a government official with regular access to the West Wing, who said they had reached a breaking point and wanted to sound the alarm," the outlet reports.

The official is unnamed. The only real detail that is provided about the whistleblower is that he or she is not part of "Biden's tight inner circle."

Who's is really running the country?

For a while now, many Americans have wondered whether Biden - given his mental and physical condition - is really the one running the country. Semafor's report gives more fodder to those who claim that he is not.

"Here is the assertion this person [the whistleblower] would like to get across: It’s unclear even to some inside the West Wing policy process which policy issues reach the president, and how," the outlet reports.

It adds, "Major decisions go into an opaque circle that includes White House chief of staff, Jeff Zients (who talks to the president regularly) and return concluded. (The big exception to this pattern, they said, is foreign policy.)"

Semafor goes on to report that "This pattern had already been a topic of discussion, and curiosity, among the high-powered aides who work in and around the White House."

It adds, "They say they’re surprised by the lack of briefings to the president, and of readouts from consultations with the president and worry about the possibility of decisions 'being made without him.'"

If not Biden, then who?

It will likely come as no surprise to the reader that Biden might not be the one who is making a lot of the decisions that the White House makes - particularly after his recent debate performance.

The follow-up question, of course, is, if Biden is not the one making the decisions, then who is?

There has been significant speculation about this, and many believe that it is former President Barack Obama - either directly or by proxy - who has been making a lot of the decisions. Some even refer to Biden's presidency as Obama's third term.

Others suggest that First Lady Jill Biden is calling a lot of the shots. They further suggest that the First Lady has essentially been forcing her husband - despite his mental and physical condition - to be president because she likes the power that comes with the position.

None of this speculation has been definitively proven true, but it has not been proven false either.

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