White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux end relationship

 September 8, 2023

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux have ended their long-term relationship, according to reports.

The news first broke in a Vogue profile of the press secretary that referred to Jean-Pierre as a "single mom" of the former couple's adopted daughter.

The background

"The details of Jean-Pierre’s relationship with Malveaux have been limited, but the two were in a same-sex partnership and had an adopted daughter between them in Washington, DC," Breitbart News reported.

"Malveaux earned a degree in sociology at Harvard University before attending Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Having previously served as a White House correspondent and primary substitute for Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room, Malveaux has also co-anchored CNN’s Around the World and editions of CNN Newsroom, according to the Sun," it added.

Under criticism

"Jean-Pierre has faced criticism on the job of being too robotic and too dependent upon reading from the briefing book always close at hand," the Daily Mail reported.

"I take none of it personally," she tells Vogue of the criticism. "I'm representing the president, so petty is just not on the menu."

Malveaux's situation

"When Malveaux announced she was stepping down from her role as CNN correspondent in January, she cited her family as one of the main factors in her decision. 'I’ve made the heartfelt decision to put myself and my family first,' the Harvard graduate wrote in a statement at the time," the Independent reported.

“While I’ve thrived on the energy from covering breaking news and politics, the rhythm of my life has shifted to the more personal. I love being a mom, and the time I have with my eight-year-old daughter is priceless,” Malveaux said.

The relationship has also been controversial as it connected CNN with the White House's press secretary in a way that many saw could be problematic regarding bias or the sharing of private information.

The former couple's split will not mean they are no longer in contact, however. Jean-Pierre referred to herself as a "single mom" who is now "co-parenting" their adopted child, meaning there will still be some communication.

The relationship change is big news for the media as well, as Vogue and others sound off on the latest developments for Biden's press secretary.

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