White House should worry about low Biden approval and polling, Democrat strategist says

September 12, 2023

Democrat strategist Brad Bannon told The Daily Caller on Sunday that President Joe Biden's White House should be worried about recent low approval ratings and polling but should not be "preoccupied" with them.

Biden dropped to 39% approval in the latest CNN poll conducted by SSRS Research, an independent polling company. Additionally, 73% of respondents were concerned about Biden's age.

“Yes, [the White House] should be worried,” Bannon said. “The next question I’d ask is, ‘Should they be preoccupied with them?’ And the answer to that is no. I speak as a pollster here: polls are — and people forget this all the time — are snapshots in time and not moving pictures."

Given the fact that we’re 14 months away from the presidential election, I wouldn’t be preoccupied with these polls, but if I was the Biden administration, I would be worried about them because they do show weaknesses,” he added.

Polls are "imperfect"

Biden and his team have mostly dismissed the poor numbers, at least publicly, saying that they are focusing on Biden's "record" and that polls are "imperfect."

The administration said that it plans to win the election “by putting our heads down and doing the work, not by fretting about polls,” according to the Hill.

Another Democrat strategist, Leslie Marshall, pointed out that Biden's poll numbers were similarly low before the 2022 midterms, but that Biden saw fewer losses in Democrat congressional seats than expected.

Polls have become “very difficult to believe,” Marshall told the Caller.

Voting changes

According to previous campaigns when polling was that low, Biden looks vulnerable, but elections have become more unpredictable in recent cycles.

Many positions and ideologies now compete for votes, and a growing number of people will still vote for a particular party or position even if they don't particularly like the candidate representing it.

In some swing areas where Republicans used to be competitive, like Pennsylvania, voting rules have loosened, giving Democrats more of an advantage.

“The Biden White House is not going to be rattled by this because their view is there are going to be 500 polls between now and Election Day,” Kate Bedingfield, former White House communications director, told The Hill. “So what the Biden campaign is going to do is keep talking about his record, talking about how they’re making lives better for people.”

Pollsters will surely keep us guessing right up until the very end (or after) with predictions and prognostications, making it hard to predict what will happen in 2024.

It's really going to be anyone's guess no matter how lopsided the polls get.

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