Wisconsin's Supreme Court okays use of election drop boxes

 July 6, 2024

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin has just signed off on the use of drop boxes in the upcoming 2024 elections. 

Fox6 reports that the court made the decision on Friday, July 5, 2024.

It was a split decision (4-3) with the court's conservative contingent dissenting. The court's liberal majority, however, ruled the day.

The court obtained that liberal majority with Janet Protasiewicz's win in the election that was held in April 2023. This ruling demonstrates just why that election garnered national coverage and just why liberals were so ebullient - and conservatives so upset - after Protasiewicz's victory.

Conservatives justices overruled

It was just two years ago that the court had a conservative majority and, with that majority, limited the use of drop boxes. But, the court's new liberal majority has reversed that ruling.

The Associated Press reports:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Friday that officials can place ballot drop boxes around their communities in this fall's elections, overturning its own ruling two years ago limiting their use in the presidential swing state.

The majority opinion was written by Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, one of the court's four liberal justices.

According to the Associated Press, Walsh "wrote for the majority that placing a ballot in a drop box set up and maintained by a local election clerk is no different than giving the ballot to the clerk, regardless of the box's location."

The outlet continues, "Local clerks have great discretion in how they administer elections and that extends to using and locating drop boxes, she added."

It's a big win for the Democrats

Wisconsin, in the upcoming presidential election, is, once again, looking as though it is going to be a crucial swing state - one that could swing the election either in former President Donald Trump's or in President Joe Biden's favor - that is if Biden remains in the race.

Biden won Wisconsin in the 2020 presidential election by a margin of less than one percentage point, or less than 20,000 votes.

Biden will look to do the same in the 2024 presidential election, and there is a possibility that the drop boxes, again, could come to the rescue.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley slammed her liberal colleagues in her dissenting opinion.

She wrote:

The majority in this case overrules (the 2022 decision) not because it is legally erroneous, but because the majority finds it politically inconvenient. The majority’s activism marks another triumph of political power over legal principle in this court.

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