DANIEL VAUGHAN: End The Pro-Palestine Charade - These Mobs Hate Jews

 October 30, 2023

A lynch mob stormed a Russian airport looking for Jews. They'd learned a flight from Israel was landing, and they swarmed the airport terminal, flocked across the tarmac, shutting down airport operations attempting to find Jews. They checked people for ID when leaving the airport, opened cars, and tried to get on planes. It was open season on Israelis flying internationally.

When asked why they were doing it, one boy said, "To find Jews." When asked why, he answered, "To kill them." The mentality of the mob was no different than what we've witnessed in "protests" of the West or what Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan whipped up with his anti-Jew tirades.

I start with the facts of what happened because it's hard to get those in the Western press. The Associated Press led the reporting of the Russia airport event, and they called it a "protest." According to the AP: "Russian news agencies and social media say hundreds of people have stormed into the main airport in the Dagestan region and onto the landing field to protest the arrival of an airliner from Tel Aviv."

US Press Supports Hamas.

Protesting a plane? There's no moral clarity from the primary global news wire when an entire airport gets shut down by a mob searching for Jews to murder. But after the AP and others blood libeled Jews over a failed missile launch by Islamic terrorists, the anti-Jew biases of the press are becoming clearer by the day.

And it's one of those things where the bias isn't even hidden. New York Times journalist and Palestinian filmmaker Soliman Hijjy was fired and then rehired after praising Adolph Hitler. He had social media posts "hailing the Nazi leader as recently as 2018 in a post on Facebook, when he shared a photo of himself captioned that he was 'in a state of harmony as Hitler was during the Holocaust.'"

He wasn't alone. Reuters has a Gaza reporter who's been caught praising terrorism. CNN had to fire a reporter for social media posts praising Hitler. CNN and NBC News are giving airtime to a woman who wished "Hitler finished the job" and praised the work of Hamas. Meanwhile, the Washington Post and Associate Press are heavily relying on an "expert" who is a "Hamas collaborator" and snitches on anyone remotely friendly to Israel to Hamas.

Fake News Fans Hatred of Jews.

In a vacuum, when journalists make mistakes, you'd expect those mistakes to happen reasonably evenly. But when mistakes only happen in one direction, that's a sign. When it comes to Israel, it's not just that mistakes are happening; it's that the Western press is beholden to experts, reporters, and others who actively seek the death of all Jews. And in the case of some, they actively praise Hitler as part of their beliefs.

In turn, these false reports on Israel are used to whip up anti-Israel sentiment, which leads to the mobs we see in places like the Russian airport. Or in New York, where a mob swarmed a library, forcing Jewish students to stay locked down and hidden there. These violent mobs are telling us who they are, and we should take them seriously. They seek to destroy Jews, which cannot be taken lightly.

Seth Mandel writes in Commentary Magazine, "Misinformation and disinformation are problems, and they will only grow larger as Israel's counteroffensive ramps up. But there's another, larger problem here: Many of the correctly informed will continue to brazenly disregard accurate information if it means they can blame the Jews. And that will be increasingly important to remember in the coming days."

He's right. That's where we are now. News outlets are actively pumping out pro-Hamas propaganda, whether repeating statistics from this terrorist group or simply regurgitating its talking points on Israel and Jews. The bias is easily seen and discernible to anyone with eyes.

Never Again Must Be The Rule.

The problem is that the dangers are growing exponentially. We're seeing threats beyond Israel. If you're a Jew anywhere in the world right now, you're being targeted by evil, anti-Semitic forces who actively seek to end Jewish life. These are not protests. These are ghoulish mobs intent on attacking, harassing, and ending Jewish life on earth.

"Never again" must have meaning. The shadow of mass Jewish genocide is on the earth once again. It must get stomped out wholly and thoroughly. People who mask their Jew-hatred through pro-Palestine, anti-Zionism, or other similar slogans cannot be taken at face value. We're watching Jews across the world be threatened on the streets, in their businesses, and, in the case of Hamas, in their homes. It's the personification of evil.

These are not protests. These people don't care about Gaza. Everything we're witnessing is about whether or not Jews are allowed to exist. The people in these protests side with Hamas, which seeks to end all Jewish life. It's time for America to give meaning to the phrase "Never Again."

Am Yisrael Chai.

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Thomas Jefferson
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