1 child dead, 3 others hospitalized following incident at NYC daycare

September 16, 2023

At least one child is dead and several others have been hospitalized after, what appears to be, a drug-related incident that took place at a daycare center in New York City. 

Fox News reports that the incident took place on Friday afternoon at the Divino Nino Daycare Center in the Bronx. It is a small daycare with a capacity of eight children. Ages range from six weeks to 12 years old.

The child who died was a boy who was only one year old. Of the children who have been hospitalized, one is an 8-month-old girl and the other two are 2-year-old boys.

The children, at the time of this writing, have not been identified by name.

What happened?

The incident took place at about 2:40 in the afternoon on Friday.

The New York Post reports:

The horrific scene unfolded around 2:40 p.m. at Divino Nino on Morris Avenue in the Kingsbridge neighborhood, where the four tots — the 1-year-old boy, two 2-year-old boys and an 8-month-old girl — were found unresponsive in the basement, sources said. The children had gone down for naps and were supposed to wake up at 2:30 p.m., sources said. They had all eaten something about 90 minutes earlier.

A witness described the appearance of the children as "pale and unresponsive."

Emergency personnel were quickly called to the daycare, and all four children were rushed to a local hospital. The 1-year-old boy was declared dead, while the other three children were given treatment.

Reports indicate that at least one of the children was given Narcan. For those unfamiliar with Narcan, Drugs.com reports:

Narcan (naloxone) nasal spray is an over-the-counter medicine used to treat an opioid overdose emergency, Narcan works by rapidly reversing the opioid's effects. Naran should be given as soon as possible when an opioid overdose is suspected, and then the patient should also receive emergency medical care immediately, even if they wake up.

The investigation continues

Because of the reports that Narcan was administered, there is a suspicion that the children may have consumed drugs, perhaps even fentanyl. But, this has yet to be confirmed by authorities.

So, there are several questions about this situation remain unanswered.

Currently, an investigation is underway to try to answer some of these questions.

It remains unclear what exactly the children ate before they took their naps.

The surviving children are reported to still be in the hospital, although they are now said to be in stable condition.

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