13-year-old girl dies after sticking head out of bus window

August 23, 2023

A 13-year-old girl from Brazil died in a freak accident during her ride home from school. 

Fernanda Pacheco Ferraz was killed after leaning her head out of the window to wave goodbye to her friends. Her classmates witnessed a horrifying scene as the girl struck a street pole.

Girl dies in freak accident

The tragedy unfolded in Nova Friburgo, a city in the mountains near Rio de Janeiro, as the girl was coming home from school at Professor Carlos Côrtes State College.

The bus was traveling down a narrow, two-way street when the driver swerved to avoid cars parked on the right side.

At the same time, Ferraz leaned her head out of the window to wave to her friends, according to witnesses. She was sitting at the back of the bus on the left side.

The driver stopped the bus, but the girl was dead by the time help arrived. The bus company, Nova Faol, issued a statement of sympathy.

"We deeply regret the unexpected and tragic situation, reiterating that all the company's support teams are mobilized and committed to minimizing the inevitable inconvenience," the company said.

Local news outlet G1 News shared an image of the accident's aftermath, which left a damaged window frame.

School in mourning

The girl's school cancelled classes for two days as the State Department of Education declared a period of mourning.

"The Secretary of State for Education deeply regrets the accident that occurred with a student from the State College Professor Carlos Côrtes, in the Catarcione neighborhood, in Nova Friburgo, on Wednesday (Aug 16), during her journey back home," the state office said.

"An official two-day mourning has been decreed at the college, which is in shock. Classes were suspended for the entire unit on Thursday and Friday (17 and 18/8), resuming activities next Monday (21/8)," the statement continued.

“Seeduc sympathizes with the immense pain of the family and has been providing all the assistance to it and the school community."

The girl was laid to rest Thursday at Trilha do Céu cemetery.

Days after the girl's tragic death, there was another fatal bus accident in southeastern Brazil that killed seven and left dozens injured.

Fans of the soccer team Corinthians were riding in a bus on a mountain road when the driver lost control and the vehicle flipped over.

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