Agenda 47 from Donald Trump: Dismantle the Department of Education

 September 15, 2023

In introducing his 10-point Agenda 47 education strategy, former President Trump threatened to get rid of the federal Department of Education due to the country's high spending and little returns on investment.

"The United States spends more money on education than any other country in the world, and yet, we get the worst outcomes," Trump said in a new Agenda47 video posted to Rumble.

"We are at the bottom of every list. In total, American society pours more than $1 trillion dollars a year into public education systems. But instead of being at the top of the list, we are literally right smack — guess what? — at the bottom.

"Rather than indoctrinating young people with inappropriate racial, sexual, and political material, which is what we're doing now, our schools must be totally refocused to prepare our children to succeed in the world of work, and in life, and the world of keeping our country strong, so they can grow up to be happy, prosperous, and independent citizens."

Trump's Opinion on School Focus

Schools should prepare the next generation to become productive citizens and contributors to the American economy by providing them with an excellent education and the tools necessary to secure "great jobs," Trump argued.

"We owe our children great schools that lead to great jobs, and leads to an even greater country than we're living in right now," Trump said.

"Right now we're living in a failing nation because of Joe Biden and these people running it. They're Marxists. They're communists. What they're doing to our country is incredible, but we'll take care of that for our children."

The former president and current 2024 presidential candidate's education plan included a proposal that would respect parents' rights in education and empower parents and school boards to fire "poor" educators and principals.

Trump also asserted that schools should remove politics from education and focus on "reading, writing, math, science, arithmetic, and other truly useful subjects" and teach a love of the country, as well as bringing back prayer to schools.

More of Trump's Plan for Education

The former president also supports school choice and preparing students for the workforce via "project-based learning" and access to internships for work experience.

"I want them to be more successful than Trump," he said, unveiling the parts of his comprehensive plan. "Let them go out and be more successful. I will be the happiest person in the world. But we want our children to have a great life and be successful.

"This is how we will ensure a great education for every American child."

The plan woud start early in Trump's administration with abolishing the federal bureaucracy of the Department of Education.

"One other thing I'll be doing very early in the administration is closing up the Department of Education in Washington, D.C., and sending all education and education work and needs back to the states," Trump said. "We want them to run the education of our children, because they'll do a much better job of it."

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