Alvin Bragg announces indictment in gang-related revenge plot

 May 25, 2023

Like many Democrat-run jurisdictions, New York City has faced a growing problem with violent crime in recent years.

An example of that problem came this past Tuesday when Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced that he indicted six people in a murderous plot. 

The group is accused of seeking revenge after gang-related killing

According to a press release put out by Bragg's office, the six are accused of "conspiring to commit acts of violence, including the April murder of Hector Delgado, 26, in retaliation for the murder of their friend Jaylen Duncan."

"Duncan was allegedly murdered by MESSIAH NANTWI, an associate of the 'One-Two-Nine' ('OTN) crew," the press release explained.

"In response, the defendants – all of whom have residential or social ties to NYCHA’s Lincoln Houses – believed they could retaliate by coordinating Delgado’s murder, who was a member of 'OTN.' The defendants also planned and coordinated a separate shooting incident," it continued.

The press release contained a statement from Bragg which read, "As alleged, these defendants deliberately targeted a rival in an organized quest for vengeance, and now two families are mourning the loss of their loved ones."

DA accused of fighting political battles instead of crime

"This indictment once again shows how the easy availability of firearms continues to plague our communities," the district attorney complained.

"I thank our skilled prosecutors and our NYPD partners for their work to quickly identify the connection between these murders and put together this multi-faceted case," he went on to add.

However, many of Bragg's critics contend that he is more focused on political prosecutions and indicting people who defend themselves than he is on fighting crime.

One example of that is his decision to indict former President Donald Trump in connection with a payoff to former adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Marine charged in the death of a homeless man with a violent history

What's more, Bragg has charged Marine Corps veteran Daniel Penny with manslaughter over the death of Jordan Neely, a homeless man with a long history of violence.

Penny restrained Neely on a subway car earlier this month after he reportedly became belligerent and began making threats towards other passengers.

The New York Post reported that Neely was arrested on multiple occasions, including in November of 2021 when he was accused of punching a 67-year-old woman in the face.

The Post cited charging documents which said the victim sustained a broken nose and fractured orbital bone as well as "bruising, swelling and substantial pain to the back of her head."

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