Amtrak train derails at Washington D.C.'s Union Station

 July 12, 2023

Rail travelers had an unwelcome surprise this week after an Amtrak train derailed in the Washington, D.C. area. 

According to the Washington Examiner, the incident occurred on Tuesday morning in a tunnel at Washington D.C.'s Union Station and led to rail traffic between the nation's capital and a station in Alexandria, Virginia being obstructed.

No injuries reported

The train had departed from Norfolk, Virginia around 6:15 p.m. before derailing as it attempted to enter Union Station.

Washington Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department stated in a tweet at 8:30 a.m. that no injuries had been reported.

However, the Examiner noted that an Amtrak employee was taken to hospital for evaluation and paramedics also evaluated a passenger on the train.

Amtrak has had a series of mishaps

Amtrak addressed the accident in an afternoon tweet, stating, "As of 1:15 pm ET, due to a disabled train blocking the tracks in the area, Train 176 and Train 171 are canceled between Manassas (MSS) and Washington (WAS)."

Amtrak has had a number of mishaps over the past year, including one incident in January that saw passengers traveling between Lorton, Virginia, and Sanford, Florida get stranded for 20 hours following a derailment.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported last month that an Amtrak train traveling between Los Angeles and Seattle derailed after colliding with a water truck.

The collision took place at around 11:20 a.m. on June 28 in Moorpark, California, located around 50 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

The Ventura Sheriff's Office was cited as saying that of the combined 211 passengers and crew onboard, 15 were brought to a hospital while the water truck driver went to a trauma center.

Joe Biden repeats false story about Amtrak employee

President Joe Biden has long been a supporter of Amtrak and regularly used the service during his time as vice president as well as while serving in the Senate.

Fox News reported last in October of 2021 that Biden has repeatedly recalled an incident in which longtime Amtrak employee Angelo Negri was nearly shot by Secret Service agents during the Obama years.

In fact, Fox News noted that Negri passed away in 1993, over fifteen years before Biden was sworn in as vice president.

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