Beauty pageant bans transgender contestants: Report

 July 23, 2023

Transgender women - that is, biological males who identify as women - will not be allowed to compete in the Miss Italy beauty pageant. 

Patrizia Mirigliani, the official patron of the pageant, indicated as much in an interview that she recently did with Radio Cusano, according to Newsweek.

". . . will not jump on the glittery bandwagon"

Mirigliani, in the interview, said that the Miss Italy beauty pageant "will not jump on the glittery bandwagon of trans activism."

"Lately, beauty contests have been trying to make the news by also using strategies that I think are a bit absurd," Mirigliani said. "Miss Italia, on the other hand, will not jump on the glittery bandwagon of trans activism."

The "bandwagon"

There is no doubt that Mirigliani was referring to such pageants as the one that recently took place in the Netherlands.

There, according to The Blaze, Rikki Valerie Kolle - a 22-year-old biological male who identifies as a woman - was crowned Miss Netherlands 2023, "defeating" a field of contestants that included nine biological women.

Now, Kolle will go on to represent the Netherlands in the 72nd Miss Universe competition, which will take place in El Salvador.

This will not, however, be the first time that a transgender individual has competed in the Miss Universe competition. Angela Ponce did so in 2018 after being crowned Miss Spain.

Miss Universe has been allowing transgender individuals to compete in its competition since 2012. More of the same is expected now that transgender billionaire Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip has purchased Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA.

". . . must be a woman from birth."

Mirigliani, however, says that Miss Italy will not be jumping on the transgender activism bandwagon, meaning that Italy will be sending a biological female to Miss Universe.

Mirigliani declared that the rules of the Miss Italy competition make it clear that competitors must be female "from birth."

She said:

Since it was born, my competition has foreseen in its regulation the clarification according to which one must be a woman from birth - probably because, even then, it was foreseen that beauty could undergo modifications, or that women could undergo modifications, or that men could become women.

In many ways, this is not that surprising given the direction that Mirigliani has taken Miss Italy in recent years.

Fox News reports:

The Miss Italy competition has regularly made updates to maintain strict standards on entry, with a major update in 2012 to ban any contestant who had undergone plastic surgery . . . Mirigliani even banned "revealing swimwear," body piercings and tattoos, enforcing a black-and-white one-piece option only for the contestants to wear.

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