Biden embraces dark money despite previously denouncing it

 August 3, 2023

President Joe Biden has long decried the presence of dark money in politics, with the Washington Post quoting him as saying last year that it "erodes public trust."

Yet as a new report points out, those words haven't prevented Biden from relying on dark money for his reelection campaign. 

Non-profit affiliated with pro-Biden super PAC raised $50 million

According to Columbia Law School professor Richard Briffault, the term "dark money" refers to "money whose sources are not disclosed."

The cash is funneled through non-profit issue advocacy groups which are not required to publicize the identity of their donors.

One of those organizations is Future Forward USA Action, a left-wing a organization that purports to "help rebuild America's middle class — and American democracy — by advancing new ideas and fresh perspectives."

Fox News reported on Wednesday that Biden's campaign is promoting the Future Forward PAC affiliated with Future Forward USA Action as "the leading external group to rake in big money to help his candidacy."

All of Future Forward PAC's funding came from non-profit group

The network recalled how Future Forward PAC told the New York Times last month that it had raised roughly $50 million since the start of the year.

However, Fox News noted that Future Forward PAC's recently released mid-year report show it received only $67,000  worth of donations.

The figure consisted entirely of a vendor refund and in-kind donation from Future Forward USA Action, suggesting that bulk of those raised funds are in the form of secret donations.

That fact has provoked outrage including from Caitlin Sutherland, who serves as executive director of the conservative watchdog group Americans for Public Trust.

Biden slammed for "blatant political hypocrisy" over anonymous cash

"The same Joe Biden who once said 'dark money erodes public trust' is now being propelled by millions in dark money," Sutherland said in a statement provided to Fox News.

"It's this type of blatant political hypocrisy that the American people can't stand," the activist went on to insist.

"Given what we've unmasked about the foreign dark money bankrolling the left's political network, this raises serious questions about the source of the massive, anonymous sums of money influencing President Biden's re-election," she concluded.

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