Biden will not appear on the Democratic primary ballot in New Hampshire

 October 25, 2023

President Biden will not file to have his name appear on the 2024 New Hampshire Democratic primary ballot, his reelection campaign announced on Tuesday.

Instead, he will forego a contest that the state plans to hold in defiance of a revamped primary order supported by the White House, as The Washington Times reported.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the campaign manager for Biden's reelection, stated in a letter to New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley that “while the president wishes to participate in the primary, he is obligated to comply” with party rules.

“The president looks forward to having his name on New Hampshire’s general election ballot as the nominee of the Democratic Party after officially securing the nomination at the 2024 Democratic National Convention, where he will tirelessly campaign to earn every single vote in the Granite State next November,” Rodriguez wrote.

Democrats' Move in 2024

To further empower Black and other minority voters vital to the party's base, Biden last year encouraged the Democratic National Committee to switch the order of the 2024 primary, with the South Carolina primary replacing the leadoff Iowa caucus.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) established a new 2024 schedule in February, with the first primary on February 3 in South Carolina, followed by contests in New Hampshire and Nevada three days later.

While Iowa was able to circumvent this restriction by holding caucuses, New Hampshire has objected to the idea on the grounds that it has traditionally hosted the nation's first primary.

Democratic leaders in New Hampshire have said that the state's constitution requires them to hold the first primary, and they have sworn to do it regardless of what the Democratic National Committee says.

The Democratic National Committee has cautioned that doing so would result in an unofficial primary that could result in sanctions, such as New Hampshire losing delegates to the 2024 Democratic convention in Chicago.

New Hampshire's Electoral Trajectory

Voters in New Hampshire can still support the president by writing in his name during the unsanctioned primary on February 9th. Top Democrats in the state have organized an attempt to boost Biden's write-in numbers.

The state of New Hampshire has not yet announced a primary election date for 2024.

As a reaction to Chavez's letter, Buckley said, "The reality is that Joe Biden will win the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary in January, win renomination in Chicago, and be re-elected next November."

It's not unprecedented for a sitting president to skip the New Hampshire primary.

Although former President Lyndon B. Johnson won the state by a write-in vote in 1968, he ultimately decided not to run for reelection because of the strong showing of Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy in the state.

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