Biden's foreign policies to appease Iran revealed to be an utter failure

 October 13, 2023

The murderous assault of Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians has embarrassingly exposed the failure and futility of President Joe Biden's Middle East policies, particularly about the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to a damning Yahoo! News report.

Biden's efforts to appease the Iranian regime, to shift American foreign policy attention toward China and Russia, have now backfired, and that miscalculation threatens to embroil the broader Middle Eastern region, if not even beyond, in yet another deadly and destructive conflict.

At the very least, it has resulted in a war between Israel and Hamas, which will unravel the progress in normalizing relations between the Jewish state and its Arab neighbors, undoubtedly send gas prices soaring, divert attention from other simmering conflicts that may soon boil over, and has encouraged America's enemies to take advantage of apparent and perceived U.S. weaknesses.

Biden's misguided Middle East "exit strategy"

The Brookings Institution's Suzanne Maloney, writing for Foreign Affairs, detailed how the Hamas assault on Israel, which was almost certainly supported by Iran in some form, has essentially closed the door on President Biden's Middle East "exit strategy" and brought that region's unending turmoil back to the forefront.

That strategy first involved a scuttled effort to revive the failed Iran nuclear deal that then transformed into America looking the other way while Iran blatantly violated economic sanctions with arms sales to Russia and oil sales to China -- in exchange for Iranian promises to slow-walk further development of their nuclear weapons program and to scale back provocations in the region -- and was capped off by the ill-advised unfreezing of $6 billion in sanctioned Iranian funds in exchange for the release of five American prisoners in Iran.

Rather than result in sufficient calm in the region for Biden to fully refocus U.S. foreign policy attention elsewhere, it emboldened Iran, and though there as yet doesn't appear to be much evidence directly linking the Iranian regime to the Hamas attack, multiple reports have documented the ample circumstantial evidence that supports such a conclusion.

"It is inconceivable that Hamas undertook an attack of this magnitude and complexity without some foreknowledge and affirmative support from Iran’s leadership," Maloney wrote. "And now Iranian officials and media are exulting in the brutality unleashed on Israeli civilians and embracing the expectation that the Hamas offensive will bring about Israel’s demise."

Biden's efforts to appease Iran failed

The Yahoo report observed in its analysis, "President Biden banked on the Middle East settling down while he dealt with a militant Russia and a bellicose China. Iran and its proxy militia Hamas failed to cooperate."

In further support of that was a scathing Atlantic Council op-ed from the Middle East Institute's Jason Brodsky, who chalked up the deadly Hamas incursion into Israel and resultant retaliation as "an indictment of the policies pursued by both the governments of Israel and the United States."

Setting aside Israel's internal domestic issues that regional rivals perceived as weakness, Brodsky wrote that "U.S. policies aimed at de-escalating tensions with Iran did nothing to halt Tehran’s coordination with Hamas, likely including support for its attack against Israel."

Similar to the Foreign Affairs piece, Brodsky pointed out the now apparent futility of how President Biden had previously "been engaged in implementing a series of understandings with Tehran to keep the Iran file off the president’s desk ahead of his campaign for reelection."

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan central to Biden's failed policies

President Biden's Middle East policies, particularly about Iran, have been a humiliating failure, but he certainly is not alone in shouldering the blame here, as Fox News reported that National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has also played a central role in terms of establishing and promoting the administration's misguided policies and apparent obliviousness to what was actually happening in the ever-smoldering tinderbox that is the Middle East.

Just over a week before the bloody Hamas assault on Israel that sparked a new war that could easily expand regionally or even globally, Sullivan bragged at a forum about the administration's foreign policies that aimed to "depressurize, de-escalate, and ultimately integrate the Middle East region."

In words that encapsulate the administration's lack of foresight over what its policies had wrought, and which Sullivan likely now regrets, he added, "The war in Yemen is in its 19th month of truce, for now the Iranian attacks against U.S. forces have stopped, our presence in Iraq is stable -- I emphasize for now because all of that can change -- and the Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades."

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