Dates are chosen for Trump and his children to testify in civil fraud trial

 October 28, 2023

Dates have been selected for former President Donald Trump and his three adult children to provide court testimony, NBC News reports

Trump and three of his children - Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump - are set to testify in the civil fraud case that New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) has brought against Trump.


James has accused Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, of having committed fraud by overvaluing his assets on various financial documents - an accusation which Trump has vehemently denied.

The case is being overseen by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron, who has been described as a "clubhouse Democrat." Engoron has already ruled that Trump has committed fraud.

The purpose of the juryless trial that is taking place is to determine the penalty to impose on the Trumps, including whether they should ever be allowed to operate a business again in New York.

James previously indicated in a court filing that, during this trial, she intends to call as witnesses Trump as well as Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump.

Now, we know when James is going to call them as witnesses.

The testimony is scheduled

NBC News reports that all four Trumps are expected to testify this upcoming week.

Per the outlet:

Kevin Wallace of Attorney General Letitia James’ office told Judge Arthur Engoron and Trump's lawyers they plan on calling Donald Trump Jr. to the stand on Wednesday, Eric Trump on Thursday, and Ivanka Trump on Friday. Her testimony will be followed by the former president, who Wallace said is expected to be their final witness.

In case you are wondering how the children fit in to the case, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are both executives of the Trump Organization, while Ivanka Trump is a former executive.

Trump's latest statement

The former president, via social media, continues to rail against James, Engoron, and others involved in this case.

In his latest statement, Trump wrote:

Trump has repeatededly argued that James, Engoron, and others are essentially hitmen for the Democrats, trying to do as much damage to Trump politically as possible. It ought to be remembered that James did run her political campaign on a promise to "get Trump," and she did so at a time when she had no evidence that even suggested that Trump had done anything wrong. As the above statement makes clear, Trump maintains that James still does not have evidence of wrongdoing.

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