Dr. Victor Davis Hanson calls on Biden admin to cut all aid to Palestine in response to 'SS murderers'

 October 9, 2023

Historian and professor Dr. Victor Davis Hanson called on the Biden administration to cut off all aid to Palestine after reports of "SS murderers" executing Jewish women and children in Israel surfaced.

In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks on Israel, Hanson called on Americans to demand “not one more American cent” be transferred to the Palestinians and that the Biden administration revoke all support of the state of Palestine.

Hanson also took a deep dive into the attack which he stated was a "long-planned, carefully executed and multifaceted attack on Israeli towns, soldiers, and civilians."

Considering that this strike was such a complex and large operation, many are wondering why both American and Israeli intelligence assets failed to see this attack coming.

The results of that failure are hundreds dead with some estimates putting the total death toll at over a thousand. Furthermore, hundreds of captives were taken back to Gaza and the future for them is bleak as Israel prepares for all out war.

Memories of the holocaust

Hanson explained that, "Here we are 78 years after the end of the Holocaust and once again thuggish killers dressed in black are pulling Jewish elderly, women, and children out of their homes and executing them, and then throwing their bodies into the street. We were fighting the SS murderers, now we are sending millions in subsidies to their modern Hamas killer squad counterparts. We the American people should demand not one more American cent to these Gestapo and SS killers."

Americans who question the extent of our funding for Palestine haven't been paying attention since President Joe Biden was sworn into office.

Soon after Biden entered the White House, the U.S. approved a $235 million aid package to Palestine. Considering Palestine is ruled by the terrorist group Hamas, that $235 million likely went directly to funding their operations.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) pointed out that, "President Trump cut U.S. aid to Palestine. President Biden reversed this decision and sent hundreds of millions of dollars to Palestine. Biden admin officials are now saying they didn't think pouring millions of dollars into Hamas areas would fuel terrorism. The lies keep piling up."

So now we know that black-clad terrorists flying swastikas and butchering Jewish women and children did so with backing from the United States.

These painful memories of the holocaust live on in the minds of those who survived it. The United States cannot stand by or support such evil and President Biden must answer for his negligence that led to this tragedy.

Biden is complicit

President Biden himself is directly complicit in this attack on Israel as Hamas is boasting that they were helped by Iran in planning this attack.

Just weeks ago, President Biden freed up over $6 billion in assets for Iran as part of ongoing talks to normalize relations. The Biden administration is dead set on negotiating with a rogue state sponsor of terrorism, consequences be damned.

Iran is openly funding terrorists with money that President Biden gave them. Republicans ought to seriously consider impeachment as an option of dealing with the President, especially in the coming weeks as more lives are lost.

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