Former Secret Service agent speaks out about protecting Michelle Obama

 October 11, 2023

An ex-Secret Service agent is speaking out about his experiences protecting former first lady Michelle Obama.

Cory Allen shared the information in his book Breaking Free.

The background

"It’s professional at all times. I was with the Obamas for about three years, going on the road for book tours and post-presidency travel all over the globe," Allen said.

"I was assigned to Michelle, and she knew me by first name β€” I was spending a lot of time with her on drives or flights, in close environments," he added.

The book

Allen's book is described as "a deeply personal, candid, and vulnerable dive into the life of a gay man struggling with his own identity, marriage, discrimination, and balancing the demands that accompany being assigned to protect the most powerful people in the world."

His experience as a gay man guarding the first lady offers unique insights that were previously unknown about the daily lives of the Obamas in the White House.

The rumors

The interview comes as rumors continue to grow about Michelle Obama potentially running for president in 2024.

β€œThey are the left-wing of the Democrat Party, and when the media turns on the presumed Democrat nominee, I think that is the cutting edge of the Democrat intelligence saying we may have to cut bait and find someone new,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said during his β€œVerdict” podcast.

β€œIn August of 2024, the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama,” he predicted.

Other conservative leaders, such as former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin, have also predicted that the former first lady could be the Democratic Party's nominee over an ailing President Joe Biden, who many have agreed is too old to serve another term as president.

So far, Michelle Obama has not hinted at an upcoming run, instead content to continue her book and media empire alongside former President Barack Obama. However, there is still technically time for her to run, with many experts claiming she is the only alternative to Biden with a clear shot at winning against former President Donald Trump's strong comeback bid for the White House in 2024.


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