GOP's impeachment witnesses claim no evidence yet that Biden committed crimes

September 29, 2023

The House Oversight Committee held its first hearing on the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden, with GOP witnesses saying there is no evidence yet of a crime.

Instead, Republican leaders called for more bank records from the president to determine any wrongdoing.

The current status

"Comer seemed to acknowledge at the end of the six-hour-plus hearing that Republicans have not yet done so but said that's because 'investigators have been shut down when attempting to explore avenues that to the president,' which is why an impeachment inquiry is necessary, 'wherever that evidence leads,'" NBC News reported.

"He said the panel would be subpoenaing bank records from Hunter Biden and the president's brother James 'and their affiliated companies,'" it added.

Following the money

"I’m now sending subpoena for Hunter Biden and James Biden’s personal and business bank records," House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) stated alongside a video of his subpoena request.

"We will continue to follow the money," he added.

The smoking gun?

"According to House Republicans, top bank records might be the 'smoking gun' proof lacking from their charges that President Biden was intimately involved in and benefited from his family’s domestic and foreign business dealings," OANN reported.

"Comer explained to the press earlier this week that he sought to subpoena Hunter and James Biden’s records because they want to 'follow the money' that the Bidens and other family members allegedly obtained through shell businesses," it continued.

The allegations of the president's international business deals extend to the years he was vice president under then-President Barack Obama.

Biden allegedly allowed his son Hunter Biden to arrange business deals with leaders in Ukraine, China and other locations.

The claims have now led to an impeachment inquiry more focused on the president's bank records than on actually removing Biden from power. The move could help Republicans in the 2024 election seeking to stop Biden from winning a second term in the White House in a potential rematch against former President Donald Trump.

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