Gov. Christie stood by his comments about the First Lady in an after-debate interview

 September 29, 2023

Chris Christie stated the morning after the second GOP debate that his comments were "the truth," thereby reiterating his position that his attack on first lady Jill Biden was justified.

The former governor of New Jersey lashed out at Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday evening, accusing him of "sleeping with a member of the teachers union," as Politico reported.

He was referring to the first lady, who holds a doctorate in education and has worked as a teacher for more than three decades.

In addition, he stated that as a result of their marriage, the union has "an advocate inside the White House every day for the worst of their teachers, not for their students to be the best they can be."

Christie's Interview

Poppy Harlow, the host of CNN's program that airs on Thursday mornings, discussed his statements and how women in general, found them to be insulting.

When Christie was questioned if he stood by the words, he doubled down on his stance.

“Well, that’s the truth, isn’t it?” he said, interrupting Harlow and calling the first lady “a radical advocate for the worst in the teachers union.”

The former governor's words were problematic for a number of more liberal of the GOP debate audience.

Response From Liberals

Harlow directed the Republican candidate's

pointed to a social media post from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) from Wednesday night calling Christie’s remarks “disgusting, misogynistic, and if Republicans want to continue pissing off an entire nation of women, please be my guest.”

“I am standing by the wording,” Christie said. “Being called disgusting by a hypocrite like Ocasio-Cortez is the highlight of my day so far.”

Other Debate Topics

All of the candidates in the second 2024 Republican debate took swipes at other Political figures, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who slammed both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden even after the debate.

DeSantis set his sights on Trump, digging at Trump’s absence on the debate stage by saying in a Fox News interview that Trump should “defend why is he running on the same program in 2016 that he did not actually implement.”

“He has had a lot to say about me on social media since 2022 — right before the midterm election, he started attacking me when we were supposed to be united to a red wave,” DeSantis said.

“[It’s] one thing to do it behind the keyboard. Do it to my face. I’m ready for it. You used to say I’m a great governor. Now you say the opposite. Let’s have the discussion. We can do it one-on-one.”

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