Hillary Clinton claims Republicans 'went along' with Trump's 'criminality'

September 15, 2023

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Republicans have gone along with former President Donald Trump's criminality.

Clinton shared the accusations during a Thursday interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

The comments

“It’s hard to imagine how much worse it’s gotten from what we thought was pretty much the bottom," Clinton said.

“I really appreciate Senator Romney being so forthright and laying out his first-hand observations and understanding of, you know, what’s going on inside not just the Republicans in the Senate, but the entire Republican Party," she added.

Worried about it

“Yes, is there a lot to be worried about, discouraged by, disheartened over? Of course, there is. But, you know, roll up your sleeves, quit wringing your hands and figure out what you can do to try to help somebody and help make things better," Clinton later stated.

"Try to continually push back on the nonsense and the misinformation, and the outright falsehoods coming from the other side," she continued.

Recently in the White House

Clinton recently appeared at the White House in a rare return as part of an art awards program with first lady Jill Biden.

"The White House announced that Clinton is scheduled to appear Tuesday to help honor the 2023 winners of the Praemium Imperiale, a global prize awarded annually by the Japan Art Association for lifetime achievement in the arts," the Associated Press reported.

"Praemium Imperiale laureates were first celebrated at the White House by President Bill Clinton and the then-first lady in 1994," it added.

Some have seen Clinton's recent activities as part of rumors that she could return to politics, perhaps seeking another bid for president if President Joe Biden is unable to run in 2024.

So far, it looks like Clinton is instead out to bash Republicans, seeking to support her fellow Democrats as the campaign cycle heats up in the months ahead.

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