Hillary Clinton releases documentary about 'medical misogyny'

 October 11, 2023

Hillary Clinton has released a hysterical new propaganda film just in time for election season.

Democrats are going all in on abortion alarmism - so it's fitting that Clinton's movie, Below the Belt, purports to uncover an epidemic of "medical misogyny."

Hillary Clinton's new film

The premise of the movie is that doctors are systematically dismissing women and their health complaints.

The movie focuses on endometriosis, a painful uterine disease that can cause infertility.

"So much of women’s health is still not given the attention it deserves,” said Clinton, adding that women’s health “has been overlooked, ignored and dismissed for far too long. The goal with this film is to change both hearts and minds in ways that lead to progress in policy, research, funding, education and widespread awareness.”

The message here is not surprising coming from Clinton, a longtime feminist and abortion advocate.

The movie examines "healthcare problems that overwhelmingly affect women, such as societal taboos, gender bias, misinformed doctors and financial barriers to care, and how millions are effectively silenced," according to Variety.

Clinton spreads propaganda

The director, Shannon Cohn, is an advocate for women with endometriosis, including herself. She claims the disease has been overlooked within the medical field.

"We’ve built a growing social movement that lifts the veil on this unjustness, collaborating with global and local partners in every region of the world — from London and Paris to Dubai, Sydney and beyond," she said.

The film was picked up by the U.K. company Espresso Media. The company's head of sales and acquisitions, Rebecca Nicholls, said the movie explores the world of "medical misogyny" and the impact of this alleged scourge on women and people who are "assigned" the female sex at birth.

“Every woman that I speak to about this film has experienced medical misogyny at least once in her life — including myself. This film is about so much more than endometriosis. It reveals the systemic minimization of medical issues which directly affect women and those assigned female at birth."

Certainly, arrogant and dismissive doctors are not uncommon - but "medical misogyny" sounds like a stretch.

It's ironic seeing this material being promoted by the woman who recently called for Trump supporters to be "formally deprogrammed."

Who's in a cult, again?

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