Hunter Biden had a mugshot taken: report

 September 22, 2023

The Justice Department took a mugshot of Hunter Biden, but the image hasn't been released.

The detail was buried in one of the last paragraphs of a CNN report about Hunter Biden's upcoming arraignment on gun charges.

If Hunter's mugshot is being suppressed, then it will only fuel President Trump's claims that the Department of Justice has been weaponized.

Trump, who just so happens to be President Biden's chief rival and likely electoral opponent in 2024, had a mugshot taken that was released to the public following his indictment in Georgia last month.

Hunter's mugshot?

Hunter also had a mugshot taken, when he appeared in court for a plea deal that went south.

His lawyer Abbe Lowell shared the information in a letter asking for Hunter to be allowed to appear at his upcoming arraignment over video. The request was denied.

"U.S. Marshalls Service and Probation processed Mr. Biden at the courthouse, which included the usual procedures (e.g., submitted to multiple sets of fingerprints, had his photograph taken, and filled out the required forms for release)," Lowell wrote.

So, where's the mugshot? Kim Reeves, a DOJ spokesperson in Delaware, said that federal policy "prohibits my office from providing photographs of defendants prosecuted in federal court."

A spokesperson for the U.S. Marshalls Service, Drew Wade, similarly said that it's a matter "of longstanding policy and general practice" not to release "a federal defendant's post-arrest imagery, such as a mugshot."

Double standard....

Conveniently, Trump's mugshot was taken in Georgia, where he is facing charges in state court.

Trump has been indicted four times in total by three different prosecutors, all of whom are aligned with Biden's party. Trump has blasted the indictments as part of a coordinated attack by a weaponized justice system that favors Democrats like Joe Biden and his son.

Before it unraveled, Hunter's sweetheart deal would have spared him any jail time and offered blanket immunity from future charges. He has since been indicted for lying on a gun form, but Trump and other Republicans have dismissed the charges as a distraction from more serious wrongdoing involving the Biden family's business deals.

In an apparent effort to quiet doubts about special treatment, Special Counsel David Weiss, who is overseeing the probe, dismissed Lowell's request for Hunter Biden to appear at his October 3 arraignment over video.

Weiss said Hunter must appear in person to uphold public trust - even comparing Hunter's situation to Trump's.

Despite the efforts of Weiss to reassure the public, unless Hunter's mugshot is released, people will continue to have reasonable doubts that "no one is above the law."

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