Jack Smith continues efforts to have judge gag Trump's social media posts

 October 1, 2023

Former President Donald Trump, as he faces four indictments and other legal issues, continues to fight back, and seems to be quite good at triggering Special Counsel Jack Smith. 

According to ABC News, Smith and his office recently responded to the former president's lawyers' opposition to a gag order requested by Smith's team in the federal election interference indictment.

Smith nitpicked a number of Truth Social posts and other actions performed by the president as potential "violations" of his release.

Hilariously, one of the perceived violations involved Trump's recent photo posing with a Glock pistol. Though it's still unclear whether he purchased it or not (now Trump is saying he did), apparently, the mere idea of making his supporters believe he purchased it is somehow a violation.

Smith is super triggered

The special counsel's office made clear how desperately they'd like a judge to place a gag order on the former president as he continues to speak nothing but truth to his supporters through his Truth Social platform.

"Since [the] date [the government proposed the gag order], the defendant has continued to make statements that pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case and that fall within the narrowly tailored order proposed by the Government," the special counsel's office wrote.

As far as the Glock situation, Smith's office covered that, too.

"The defendant either purchased a gun in violation of the law and his conditions of release, or seeks to benefit from his supporters’ mistaken belief that he did so," they write. "It would be a separate federal crime, and thus a violation of the defendant’s conditions of release, for him to purchase a gun while this felony indictment is pending."

Clearly, free speech is frowned upon in Biden's government, as the prosecutor's office went on to point out multiple examples of Trump speaking his mind about certain individuals.

"The defendant’s baseless attacks on the Court and two individual prosecutors not only could subject them to threats—it also could cause potential jurors to develop views about the propriety of the prosecution, an improper consideration for a juror prior to trial," they wrote.

First Amendment violation

Trump's attorneys have argued that Smith and his office are clearly attempting to stifle Trump's First Amendment rights.

The former president, who's ramping up his 2024 presidential campaign, believes it's nothing more than an attempt to hamstring his campaign efforts, as President Biden's chances and numbers continue to dwindle.

"Following these efforts to poison President Trump's defense, the prosecution now asks the Court to take the extraordinary step of stripping President Trump of his First Amendment freedoms during the most important months of his campaign against President Biden," the filing said. "The Court should reject this transparent gamesmanship and deny the motion entirely."

Only time will tell if a judge actually orders the gag, but if so, the ramifications could be unprecedented.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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