Jamie Raskin admits Hunter Biden did 'unlawful things'

 August 14, 2023

Top Democrat Jamie Raskin (D-MD) admitted that Hunter Biden has done "a lot of unlawful things," but said the justice system should be trusted to hold him accountable. 

“It does seem clear that this guy was addicted to drugs and did a lot of really unlawful and wrong things,” Raskin told ABC’s This Week. 

Hunter Biden betrayed

Democrats have continued to deny any link between Joe Biden and his son's corrupt business even after witness Devon Archer confirmed that Biden was "the brand" his son was selling to partners overseas.

Raskin echoed the party line, separating Hunter from his dad, whom Raskin insisted is innocent of all wrongdoing.

"They've not laid a glove on Joe Biden as president. They haven't been able to show any criminal corruption on his part," Raskin said.

Trust the process?

Republicans say there is an ongoing effort by the Justice Department to whitewash the Biden family's misdeeds, noting that David Weiss, who was just tapped as a Special Counsel, was prepared to give Hunter Biden a sweetheart plea deal before it blew up in court.

But Raskin downplayed evidence of interference in the federal investigation of Hunter, which he described as "bumpy," and expressed trust that the Justice Department would hold the first son accountable under the law.

"From my perspective, it is the rule of law and the justice system working itself out the way that it does and, obviously, it's bumpy and this side or that side doesn't necessarily prefer this course of events," Raskin said.

"But our job, I think, as political people is to allow the justice system to run its course."

But what about Trump?

Of course, Raskin couldn't resist taking a shot at Trump and his Republican defenders as Biden's chief rival stares down four indictments, all brought by hard-left partisan prosecutors.

"After a grand jury has already determined that there's probable cause, they attack the prosecutors. They attack the judges. They attack the system. For them, Donald Trump could never be guilty of anything," Raskin said.

It's pretty clear what Raskin is up to, here. He knows that Biden is being protected by a superficially "impartial" justice system that is actually working in the Democrats' favor, but by playing dumb, Raskin can lay claim to the "rule of law" and paint Republicans as extreme.

Meanwhile, Biden is the one trying to throw his political opponent in jail - all while "the big guy" avoids consequences for his misdeeds.

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