Joe Biden now needs help to walk off a stage

 October 17, 2023

How did we get to the point where the leader of the free world can't walk off a stage without someone helping him--not only physically, but mentally figure out which way to go?

After several events where Biden seemed to wander around the stage confused after speaking, First Lady Jill Biden had to step in yet again on Saturday to guide him off the stage after both she and her husband spoke at a Human Rights dinner in D.C.

Here's a video from the Daily Mail of what happened:

Not only has Biden repeatedly gotten confused on stage during public event, his staff are apparently terrified he will fall again, and that any future falls could be very dangerous to his health and mortality. This must be why Jill Biden came back onto the stage to make sure her husband didn't start walking off the wrong way, as it seemed he might.

Biden's decline

Biden is almost 81, but he thinks he can keep being president until 2028, when he will be 86.

This is despite wandering around at the G20 in 2021, falling off his bike in Delaware and falling down during a military ceremony, and leaving abruptly in the middle of another military ceremony.

The decline we have already seen in Biden since he took office in 2021 is quite concerning; what will another five-plus years of being president do to him, if he even lives that long?

Speculation is that his handlers have to drug him up with amphetamines just to look alive enough to make a speech. Those things cannot be good for a man in his 80s, and probably put him at more risk of a health decline.

But he looks and sounds like a frail old man most of the time, which may be why world leaders don't seem to have much respect for him at this point.

A weakened U.S. under Biden

How strong can a country be when this is what its leader looks like? You know Kim Jong-Un and Xi Jinping are surely thinking this, among many others.

It's a big part of why there are two wars going on around the world. Trump had world leaders too scared to say boo, let alone attack one of our allies.

There is no such fear of Biden--he must never have studied the principle of carrying a big stick to deter aggression, although he seems to have the talking softly part down.

Now the U.S. is sending a significant chunk of its military resources to Ukraine and Israel. How long until one of our enemies figures out we are less able to defend our own homeland?

We could really use a good dose of America First right now, even if we don't need any more mean tweets representing us to the world.

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Thomas Jefferson
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